A nice life but not worth risking your life for

A lack of save points

We're all destined to rot in a box, to be food for the maggots and worms. The clock's already ticking, this ain't no practise run. Until then it's full throttle. Exploring, travel, freight hopping, sleeping on rooftops, motorbikes, hitchhiking, climbing, caving, train surfing, roadtrips, adventures.

You're cowered into a filthy little alcove, nose smeared sideways against the oily ballast as the hulking mass of the subway train smashes past. The deafening roar of metal grinding metal is still battering around your skull as you leap over the 1000 volts of the third rail and take off down the tunnel after the rapidly receeding red glow of the train. Thirty seconds until the next one. No save points. You better fucking run.

I am

A small piece of insignificant organic matter in a vast universe, on a mission to squeeze life for every drop before I expire. Connect via - the request form, info@sleepycity.net, or twitter. Be interesting.

I love the photos

If you're after a big print send me an email, I don't sell postcards.

These are uncommon photos of uncommon places shot at great personal peril. Sleepycity is Not A Stock Photography Site, naturally stock rates not applicable.