Monkey man qx has come a long way from scaling the old gasometer at the Newstead Gasworks. ~50 stories above the ground.
Site   2009-10-19 14:31
Crazyyy foool :D
sty1zalike   2009-10-21 12:19
that is madness... amazing shot -- Seen on my Flickr home page. ( ?² )
Maxime Wojtczak   2009-10-21 13:33
You guys are insane !
Bunk3r   2009-10-21 13:41
Love it.
jannx [カメラマン]   2009-10-21 15:54
qx is my hero... right after you of course .. ;- ) PS ask him to leave me all his cameras okay :D
J4M35   2009-10-21 18:23
This is insane! How far was the drop under here? I love it!
BigLoada   2009-10-21 19:20
Damn nice dude. Good to see more of your stuff here on Flickr :)
supersonik-zlad   2009-10-21 21:01
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! That's incredible.
awwrisp   2009-10-21 21:16
thats an amazing shot :)
dsankt   2009-10-22 05:03
He's one crazy foo, that's for sure. Cheers all
yaz36   2009-10-22 08:32
Ah, this is so rad. I hadn't seen your shots of this. Seen somewhere in the realms of the Internet (?* )
J-Bag   2009-10-22 08:33
There comes a point where no height is of consequence and fear of fucking up just becomes a half calm reminder permanently embedded somewhere in the back of your skull, big ups for him being so inspiring.
J4M35_UK   2009-10-22 19:35
How far was the drop down there. I bet it was worth it for this shot! Nice work!
FlickedUp   2009-11-05 07:10
My GOD!!! What kings.
Gregg   2009-11-07 02:01
This is my favorite photo here. The detail and color are amazing. That guy qx must have balls of steel.
Argo   2009-11-10 15:13
Great, a bit dangerous here, but there is the better view on "La Defense" from GAN, that besides :D
qx   2009-11-12 19:28
c'etait pas mal le vue depuis la quand meme ;)
d'allieurs c'est la tour GAN..
dsankt   2009-11-17 21:45
J4M35, I'd guess it was 40-50 stories up, after a while the numbers passing in the stairwell were a blur.
J4M35_UK   2009-11-17 21:52
I can imagine, it's probably one of the best photos I've seen this year :-)
Guillaume Linard   2009-12-28 22:48
Simply Great !!!
Romany WG   2010-10-04 23:03
Great pic.
Manu Militari urbex   2011-09-16 12:42
ça fait vraiment haut!


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