Anyone can look dignified with a pimping moustache.
FlickedUp   2010-02-23 00:35
So, yet again, dsankt is the first ever to step foot in this place since its closing/abandonment/ construction phase? How the HELL, do you manage to find this stuff? And more to the point, did you scavenger any of it? Fucking ninjas.
dsankt   2010-02-23 09:42
Absolutely not I'm afraid. It's quite well known amongst the 'community', most of the locals did it years ago. These are the first pictures that surfaced I believe, and most of the best things were long gone before I arrived www t/urban-exploration- the-veterinary... I didn't souvenir anything, I own enough useless crap already!   2010-02-23 10:24
Bazalgette's attempt to preserve his life long companion?


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