Little rooftops in Adelaide, so much fun! 30s f5.6
DurgiN   2005-04-13 16:00
IMPRESSED!!! I mean you have millions of better photos to look at on your site (personal opinion) but I'm bloody impressed at how even you got the lighting in this situation!!!! Kudos man!!! Respect!
DurgiN   2005-04-13 16:00
you are the wu shu shing master
dsankt   2005-04-16 16:00
I agree there are better, lots better, but I like the variety and the strong vertical line. It's not something I do often. If I am not the Kung Fu Cult Master I am nothing. 0 points.
curly   2005-04-17 16:00
i see a little hint of telstra in the top left corner!
Destrukto   2005-05-14 16:00
i see that piece on my way to & from work everyday.. nice
dsankt   2005-05-15 16:00
Glad you like it, if you're looking for more adelaide stuff check out in the links section.
Sandra (from Germany)   2005-12-28 15:00
Redeye Jedi   2006-01-16 15:00
I've seen better elevator rides in the myer centre. Try the pharmacy build. in Gawler plce.
dsankt   2006-01-17 15:00
Sweet, next time in Adelaide you can teach me how to infiltrate the Myer Center. Sounds dope! No! Dizzope!
corey   2006-10-08 09:09
no no no, the sickest elevator ride is the toys are us elevator, 7 storys STRAIGHT UP and you are like, hanging in the middle of nowhere like, from a building and like, yea....nice place for photos though lol
Chris   2008-05-15 02:47
I decided to take the ToysRus/Renaissance elevator for a joy-ride the other day, and there's a sign inside which reads "Do not use this elevator for joy-rides. Offenders will be prosecuted" Harsh!
dsankt   2008-05-19 11:37
Grab a photo of that sign, it's a classic!
Raiquirwellew   2009-06-01 05:51
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