Brad down in the channel which shoots trains under the abandoned Bifuracio Vilanova station in Barcelona.
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bug (superstar)   4 years ago
Great focus
jannx   4 years ago
great shot!
Brick_Man_Photos   4 years ago
DS in posting recent photos shock. I know I can take upto 2-3years to get round to developing films/ posting online (officially the slowest), but you sometimes take your time, but this is quick like! Is this off that 70-200?
dsankt   4 years ago
There's all kinds of stuff locked away in the archives, it's nice to release something recent for a change and is a welcome break from writing about roadtrips (and roadtrips (and roadtrips)). Yeah, 70-200.
jannx   4 years ago
[ om/photos/sleepycity ]that's exactly how it is with film.... ;D
insanebuslady   4 years ago
Very excellent
126NEAN   4 years ago
Wow, nice shot!!