With nowhere else to stay we climbed a metal security door and crashed out on a small seemingly abandoned terrace between two apartment blocks. Come morning an angry man with a shovel in his hand told us to fuck off in heavily accented French.
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Tiaguito Fonseca   4 years ago
Good night Sweet Dreams
ktoth.com   4 years ago
stealing squats?
jannx   4 years ago
he was prolly pissed that you knocked over his potted plant ;D
dsankt   4 years ago
This squat was definitely abandoned and I'm glad I brought a thermarest and didn't have to sleep on that disgusting rotting old bed.
blinkings   4 years ago
Yeah I wouldn't fancy that bed either! You guys are TRUE adventurers in the best sense of the word.
GEЯV   3 years ago
Looks cozy.... I got my ass kicked once for crashing in what I thought was an abandoned building hallway. Woke up to four tenants dragging me out by my feet and then they stomp me down hard. Shity way to wake up.