Constructed in 1920 on the line between Porte de Lilas and Pré Saint Gervais, Haxo is one of two stations in the Paris métro which was constructed but never finished nor opened to the public.

Abandoned station Haxo, Paris metro.

Haxo sits on a piece of track named La Voie des Fêtes in the north east of Paris. No stairs or surface access was ever installed to the station so Haxo provides some hurdles, insurmountable by the manhole crowd and accessible only to those willing to throw themselves down the tunnels in reckless abandon. As the station itself is so bare the highlight of a trip to Haxo is often the makeshift trains storage in the approach tunnel and sometimes even in the abandoned station itself. Of course La Voie des Fêtes, being used for train storage, is a risky endeavour as it's a good place to encounter workers, train drivers and vigilant security. Coming from the other side of the station is less risky but requires negotiating the active system.

If the UE Kingz hadn't already cornered the urbex music market we'd have a good shot with a boy band. Abandoned station ...

The station itself is a simple affair, one platform not even completely tiled, loads of graffiti and little else; its status as one of the two stations never opened make it a must see and the interesting route to reach the station guarantees one adventure. However, in recent years the situation has changed significantly and the station and surrounds have been reappropriated by the RATP for conversion to proper train storage. Chances are if you haven't been to Haxo already, you missed le bateau.

Abandoned station Haxo, Paris metro.

You can read more about Haxo here and on wikipedia.

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Greg   2011-09-19 02:18
Hey im not quite sure of you can help me out a bit but im planing to go the Haxo station sometime this week starting from places des fetes and walking the voie des fetes from there, is this a good way to get there or could it be better to try the other way from the 3bis? Cheers Greg
dsankt   2011-11-06 22:15
Late reply but just a word of caution to be particularly careful. A bunch of brits have been caught in the system recently.
Alex Cavity   2012-04-02 05:01
If it wasn't for urban explorers showing us that such places exist, we would never know. Who knew that even such uncompleted train stations can be explored, and I give you props for daring to find your way in there. Hope to see you uncover other secrets around paris!
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WOW... Good pictures!
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Photographs are perfectly and beautifully shot