The mesmerising movements in the sky are slowly captured on film. Fuji 64t
Teepee for my Bunghole! 50th! Stripes In Wing 4 Chevron Blast Off Hut Light Deformed Bettle SRC Gaseous Bones Bones! Geometric Triplets Relaxing Scribbles

curly   10 years ago
holy faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark ds i love this shot. its fantabulous. Its heavily exposed an I like that, its got a hugely disorienting focal thing going on and it makes me slip off my seat go "oooooh-waaaah"
Irish   10 years ago
Now that is a photo....I wanna get up there
den   9 years ago
it's bugs dude, y'know like?
dsankt   9 years ago
Like, of course :)
Heather   9 years ago
Cam   9 years ago
Stunning shot. Gives me something to aim for :).
*Raven*   9 years ago
Equus   9 years ago
Bugs would have to be the size of eagles to be that visible... they're actually made by fruit bats! Cool shot, was trying to figure out where you took the pic from, think I know... :)
Pizzy   9 years ago
The size of eagles!!! Wouldnt they have to be the size of fruit bats ;)
Jim   8 years ago
Your work is astonishing. You really do need to sit down with an agent and see about getting published. You have given me a whole new perspective on my photography.
dsankt   8 years ago
Glad you like it, a book eh... We shall see!
STraversphotography   3 years ago
Now how did you get up on that building!, I am a Sydney local, lived here all my life and always looked up to that bridge and building in amazement, much respect, your work is simply amazing. If your ever in town, drop us a line!
dsankt   3 years ago
It was much easier to get into WBPS at the time, I've heard the security is much better these days.