We sat around on the roof of this almost-cbd powerstation just taking in the view. Magga even had a sleep :) 30s f2.8 Fuji 64t
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durgin   2004-05-30 16:00
I said this when I saw it the first time - and I'm sure that I don't have to say it again ... but I feel inclined to - that is a farken AWESOME photo!!! (sorry kiddies but that's how you say really good when you're an adult) Composition, awesome colours - right down to your subject is wearing the perfect colours of clothing for the photo - great location, you've actually stopped to think about what you can shoot and done something that I haven't seen before from that overly shot location, please send my compliments to the Chef! I'll buy TWO!
dsankt   2004-06-21 16:00
hahah I am glad you like it. I don't normally shoot much urbex with the telephoto. This photo doesnt show much of the powerstation itself, but to me it conveys the mood on top, relaxed!
curly   2004-10-15 16:00
it is very relaxed. nice simple shapes and colours
Ron Hackett   2005-02-28 15:00
I love this photos


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