Bones Bones, carrying a skeleton to an icy lake, carry him so carefully he's never gonna break... The sky was really orange that night, tungsten really is magical :) 2min f5.6 Fuji 64t
Teepee for my Bunghole! 50th! Stripes In Wing 4 Chevron Blast Off Hut Light Deformed Bettle SRC Gaseous Bones Bones! Geometric Triplets Relaxing Scribbles
PTC   2004-08-24 16:00
I love that place. I've only explored it 3 times and went back there a month ago and there working on it. This place has been abandoned for ever. 5 years at least. And now they are destroying it.
dsankt   2004-08-29 16:00
We almost slept a night up here under the skeletal roof, but the usual Melbourne crash out spot was too warm, dry and comfy. It's nice and close to the city as well.
onewaykids   2007-09-30 12:06
ye to bad its all apartments now:(


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