Another Melbourne Powerstation photo. This is on the lower room. As expected for something in Melbourne it has been totally trashd and graffed. 1minute, f4 Fuji Sensia 100
Duck for cover! The Wormhole Teepee for my Bunghole! 50th! Stripes In Wing 4 Chevron Blast Off Hut Light Deformed Bettle SRC Gaseous Bones Bones! Geometric Triplets
melburn_troop   2004-08-08 16:00
address n shit would b fantastic...cheers
mick   2004-08-08 16:00
where abouts is this(looks inner city)
dsankt   2004-08-10 16:00
Walk around the CBD and look for the oldest, coolest looking chimney you can find.
Brett   2005-05-11 16:00
impossible to access these days. (2005) When the young girl fell to her death security has been hightend and the place is totally trashed.. Good luck with getting in!
erg   2005-07-03 16:00
Plus the fact you'd walk away with some tasty asbestos poisoning
Pizzy   2005-07-09 16:00
yeah the papers must be right, weve all got asbestos poisoning.
peter   2006-08-13 11:36
hut one hut two hut three hut. old dirty bastard live and uncut. i can't work it out, maybe im retarded or maybe i just don't have posting ability. either way i have some ok melbourne rooftop night flick's from a recent visit. shoot me an email dsankt if you would like.
onewaykids   2007-10-24 11:27
no chans of going ther now its being puled down
Alex   2008-08-03 11:01
I was up there, in there, out there a couple of weeks ago. If you ask politely you might just get to have a good look around ;)
Frank Gobbo   2009-06-22 08:04
Good luck visiting this old fella these days, she's gone, dead and buried.


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