This tunnel type is called cut and cover. Meaning they dig a *big* trench and cover it. Desat in photochop. unknown Fuji Sensia 100
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mick   2004-08-08 16:00
where is it-does this link with anything else down there
dsankt   2004-08-10 16:00
I honesty don't know my way around Melbourne enough to know where this is. A friend showed it to me, and yes it does link with stuff.
dust   2004-10-28 16:00
it's the bit of track leading to one of the surface portals.
tikin   2006-03-13 15:00
is this tha tunnel at footscray tha fr8 line
dsankt   2006-03-14 15:00
yo str8 up g4ng*


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