If required I think you could relax in the gap as the trains go over. Not that we did, of course. Todo List: get a Fl filter. unknown Fuji Sensia 100
Waterfront Living Head Injuries Up Sarcophagus Mirra's Tomb Ghostly Blue Converge Just around the b... Duck for cover! The Wormhole Teepee for my Bunghole! 50th! Stripes In Wing 4 Chevron Blast Off
Demore   2004-08-03 16:00
yeah these are fucking impressive...those lights made the best shadowing
dsankt   2004-08-04 16:00
I like the tubes running along the walls, I'm not really sure what they do though.
PTC   2004-08-24 16:00
The tubes around the side are to buffer the sound and stop it from all going in the carrage. Also they are also usefull for climbing
Sergio   2004-12-17 15:00
This photo rocks! if you pay attention all the Matrix series has a green similar to this one on the walls backgrounds and stuff. A bit lighter green and i would say is an scene of the movie. Keep up your great work.
Tiffany   2005-07-14 16:00
Don't ask me how I'm connecting this picture to my own obsession of cyborgs, but its been done. I love it.
Long Time Wanderer   2005-07-18 16:00
Besides checking your pants, what do you do if a train comes?
dsankt   2005-07-22 16:00
Zombie pope John Paul bursts from the grave on some jesus second coming steeze, hungry for your skinny altarboy bootay. He's staggering towards you, one bottle of communion wine rattling in an eye socket, another in his bony grip. Do you:
- Run like a gimboid in your stupid white dress.. turn to page 18.
- Lick your finger, touch it to his fetid flesh while making sizzling noises... turn to page 9.
- Pretend you're a girl and hope he'll ignore you.. Turn to page 43.
melburn tuneler   2005-08-12 16:00
i think theres motion sensors down there now man
My_Gold_Fish   2005-12-03 15:00
The city loop is a mad expo to go on, dont drink any alcohol prior. When you hear a train coming just lay on the pipes on the side and the train is no more than a few inches next to you. Fricken dangerous but probably the biggest rush ever. Then just check yr pants and make sure all the important things are intact.
My_Gold_fish   2005-12-03 15:00
by the way mad pic dude, this site rocks.... forgot to add that to my previous post....
Puhezee   2005-12-04 15:00
I wish I was as hardcore as you goldfish, wow, i hope you didnt touch yourself to sleep too much thinking about how 'sic' you are after writing that retarded comment
dsankt   2005-12-04 15:00
Internet thuggery in my little corner of the net, sweet as brother. You dudes wanna jelly wrestle to decide this or what? Maybe your mums instead?
Crusher   2005-12-10 15:00
Goldfish, you know what? I've went down the Burnly tunnel years ago, and I agree with you man. It's a hell of a rush. Love to do it again. And Puhezee, Get over it dude your comment didn't even have anything to do with the shot.
Crusher   2005-12-12 15:00
Oops! Did I say TUNNEL? I meant LOOP. And if I recall correctly it was off platform 4 at Parliament Station. Dsankt, Awsome shot man, the detail is unreal.
Crusher   2005-12-12 15:00
Yo Goldfish, Where are yo? Iwant to talk to you. Dsankt, Thanks heaps for this shot, It makes me want to go exploring again.
Goldy   2005-12-14 15:00
Hey Crusher, just email me and shit, i gotta be careful what i say on this site (nothing personal Dsankt), i don't wanna sound like i'm 'sic'.... Before u know it i might jelly wrestlin.....or maybe my mum will...shes a nice lady :-) -puhezee, i didnt mean it sound like i was up myself, and besides i gotta keep myself hard while i touch myself to sleep! Im glad i got that off my underbelly. Peace!
dsankt   2005-12-14 15:00
buuus currant whatever tickles yo nuts. Shame about the jelly though :(
Puhezee   2005-12-18 15:00
A few things. :D Haha. Crusher: Its not off of Parliament Station its heading towards the portal from Flagstaff. Goldfish: my only problem was you saying you jump to the side and lay on the pipes. Its unnecessarily risky with the chance of fucking it up for future explorers, something that pisses me right off. You die or get seen in the loop and the repurcussions hurt us all. I was there with Dsankt when he took this... after hours. Want live train-running action go to Sydney where there is alcoves. Or stick to the ventilation access gate alcoves of the cityloop. Peace
dsankt   2005-12-18 15:00
Peace between dwarves and elves.
paradox   2006-01-02 15:00
Well, they don't call them suicide pits for nothing... Actually, the clearance between the bottom of the train to that central depression would only be about 8-12 inches. Don't know what that translates into cm.
Za   2006-01-07 15:00
Theres enough room beneath that grate to hide in, providing you dont mind getting dirty. Nice shot man!
nckt   2010-10-25 18:17
what a thoroughly sick cunt photograph, although I expect no less from you...


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