The entry/exit to Mirra's Tomb in Ballarat. It's a short drain but it changes shape and texture enough to make it worth doing. oops, almost no DOF! 1/125 f2.8 Fuji Sensia 100
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mick   2004-08-08 16:00
are eny of the wallls flat?
dsankt   2004-08-10 16:00
It is almost all stone or brick! It is fairly short however. Ballarat has so much bluestone, it's nice to share sometimes :(
sallerina   2004-08-11 16:00
do you ever get lost?? i saw an article on your pics in the mail & thought i'd have a look, you have very nice photos
dsankt   2004-08-11 16:00
As logic suggests the drain all flows in one direction, to the outlet. There are usually side tunnels that connect into the trunk tunnel, but none complicated enough to disorient you. I know of only one drain where is it possible to get lost. The drain is aptly named The Maze.
nivelo   2004-12-19 15:00
Hhmmm blue stone on 64T would be nice. Damn have to go back there now... doh!


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