A long disused reservoir warmly greets the occasional explorer. You can see half the 'voir in this photo. Thanks to Durgin for the loan of this mighty difused supertorch. Fuji Provia 100f
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Sammy-no-handle(AdClan)   2004-06-14 16:00
Nice effect From the git on the LHS of the photo.
Pizzy   2004-06-19 16:00
Dont talk about Eli that way he doesnt mean to be like that ;)
eli   2004-07-17 16:00
i was just tryin to improve the pic, make it a bit more interesting for the ladies
durgin   2004-08-02 16:00
don't worry about eli - let's just say he won't be bothering any more of the ladies anymore - especially not Willow ;-p
curly   2004-12-16 15:00
lade-ez! come to eli babe-ei
justin   2005-08-24 16:00
man you guys have got some sik places any chance of gettin locations of any or takin me to some???????????
Pizzy   2006-02-08 15:00
only if you put more question marks
Macka   2011-06-25 14:24
Would this happen to be somewhere in the parklands? If so, I may know a little of its history


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