In the rooms beyond these 15cm thick doors the carcasses were stored. The hung from the roof on nasty looking hooks attached to rails so they could be slid around. Notice the slot at the top of each door for the rails. Desaturation in photochop. Fuji Provia 100f
Bomb a head, its party time! Thanks Fakt Modded mang, but no lights? More malt! Basement Cuts No Title Waterfront Living Head Injuries Up Sarcophagus Mirra's Tomb Ghostly Blue Converge Just around the b... Duck for cover!
justin   2005-08-24 16:00
this would have to be the best place ive explored spent many days there and found lots of interesting shit there,to bad its nearly all gone now.. R.I.P meab
Keith   2006-03-17 15:00
Wtf! Looks like a disused prison! or maybe a zombie storage area-look at the ruddy great bolts on the doors!
Niall   2007-09-04 20:12
What sort of place is this?
dsankt   2007-09-06 09:44
Niall, it's a slaughter house. They screen the population for those with terrible reading comprehension, pack then into large vans (commonly known as meat wagons) and deliver them to this facility. Upon arrival they're sliced, gutted and strung up on big nasty hooks which run on tracks in the ceiling. Notice the little notches atop each door? That's where the tracks run.
Corey   2007-09-17 14:43
rip slaughter house indeed. a fucking coles myer distro center is going there now. because it was supposed to be houses. but the mercury levels in the soil was like 5 times legal limit. so they slapped a factory on it instead. oh well. will enjoy exploring the construction area of the distro center. its going to be stupidly huge.


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