It's all about location! Beautiful design and waterfront living make this 5 story home a castle. A 100m redbrick tunnel is the only access making it easily defensible. Mother nature is a whore, damn clouds... 2 minutes, f5.6 Fuji Provia 100f
Malt Bomb a head, its party time! Thanks Fakt Modded mang, but no lights? More malt! Basement Cuts No Title Waterfront Living Head Injuries Up Sarcophagus Mirra's Tomb Ghostly Blue Converge Just around the b...
durgin   2004-05-29 16:00
lmao! :D
nivelo   2004-08-05 16:00
Very nice. I couldn't see the angle at the time... The natural blue inside is soft yet present. Reminds me a bit of Potts Hill. Hhmm got to get back there ASAP.
Pizzy   2004-09-12 16:00
I think the clouds balance nicely with the white and blue on the inside, im suprised you got white clouds in all honesty. Is this a trait of Provia at shortish-long exposures, as oxymoronic as that is :P
justin   2005-08-24 16:00
another sik place i havnt been to, you guys have got some of the best places ive seen in adelaide,
Ritzy   2005-09-27 16:00
Where is this place? Awesome photo!


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