The paper storage cavity for newpaper printers. At 3 stories tall, thats a lot of paper. Thankfully it was all gone when the sydclan pyros were there ;) Lit manually with a supertorch and a bit of patience. bulb, f4 maybe. Fuji Provia 100f
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nivelo   2004-08-05 16:00
I think yorus came our way better than mine.... Going to try provia next... sensia cae out a little dark .
dsankt   2004-08-05 16:00
Did we shoot at different appetures? I can't remember if this was f2.8 or f4. It is a little soft, and the DOF is smallish. Maybe I shot at f2.8 and you shot at f4.
nivelo   2004-08-08 16:00
I know l left mine exposing a little longer. I think we shot at the same aperture f4 cause l remember we set them up the same. I think sensia just sucks now ;p


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