As trashed as it looks, this old engine is still great fun to explore. Documents are strewn throughout and most of the windows are smashed. Inside we even found mounted slides of naked people. 2min, f5.6 Fuji 64t
Looks Safe Morale: 20 Fearless Trousers Malt Bomb a head, its party time! Thanks Fakt Modded mang, but no lights? More malt! Basement Cuts No Title Waterfront Living Head Injuries Up Sarcophagus Mirra's Tomb
photodude   2004-07-26 16:00
i love the sexy rectilinear goodness on this
dave   2005-08-01 16:00
Can you post these slides you found?
dsankt   2005-08-03 16:00
I didn't keep any of the slides dammit! Sleepy City would be a dizzope pr0n site... skrilla fo rilla indeed.
Pizzy   2005-10-02 16:00
Ive got some scanned at home, so bad, 80's hairdos and strange haircuts too
hidden   2006-03-25 15:00
this locos gone now, tis gone to western australia
Darkwalker   2006-06-09 16:00
Yo, the lightin a thrilla! Ain't nuttiin' rilla! It's all good, it's alrite! Killer shot, really. Regardless Fakt phucked it up. lol
Matthew Brady   2011-07-11 06:17
I always wondered if anyone bothered to shoot film anymore. Now I have at least one "yes" to that! Cherish thy slide-processors and one-hour labs while ye may. The local Wal-Mart's lab only does prints now, and I'm not sure if they handle negatives. A big local supermarket shut down their film lab almost a decade ago.


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