We had a sleepout in this old showring building. No we didn't sing songs around the campfire. Sydney clan was there... we had a radio. tenjou tenge is awesome. 20min, f5.6 Fuji 64t
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nivelo   2004-08-05 16:00
syyyyyydneeeeeey, syyyyyydneeeeeey. Did you crop this? Looks like so.
dsankt   2004-08-05 16:00
Yeah it got the crop! Upload yours, I want to see the awesome cloud streakage I missed.
nivelo   2004-08-08 16:00
hhhmm l like clouds :-) I think l must have had mine on f8 too, cause l ain't got any LED in mine. http://www.urbex.org/index.php?option=com_ wrapper&wrap=Gallery&Itemid=42
Pizzy   2005-01-30 15:00
Some fucker just burnt it down, all the way to the ground :(
Sam   2005-06-24 16:00
I am in SA, where abouts is this place? Its a great shot


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