Look, a baby star trail! Lit by ambient lighting from the nearby buildings. 5min, f5.6 Fuji 64t
Looks Safe Morale: 20 Fearless Trousers Malt Bomb a head, its party time! Thanks Fakt Modded mang, but no lights? More malt! Basement Cuts No Title Waterfront Living Head Injuries Up Sarcophagus Mirra's Tomb
nivelo   2004-08-05 16:00
Nice. I didn't stay long enough for this one... l think l was more eager to explore as l had been taking piccies all night and hardly explored anything. P.S how did you end up with madonnas bra ds? DODGY...
Darkwalker   2006-06-09 16:00
A big pair of steel BOOBIES!


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