Why do people call them a 'pair of trousers' when there is only one? Is each leg a trouer? I am confused. 1 minute, f2.8 Fuji 64t
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Valmont   10 years ago
is the word "binoculars" a double plural? Bi means 2 then the (s) on the end too... just a thought
mk   10 years ago
It's from the expression 'pair of pants'. In the old days, pants were 2 separate legs, or 'pantalones', connected by a codpiece, hence 'pair of pantalones'.
dsankt   10 years ago
It's true, you do learn something everyday.
Long Time Wanderer   9 years ago
Did any one climb the ladder to find out what was at the top?
dsankt   9 years ago
Nope, the location felt a bit dodge and sitting at the top in plain view wasn't worth the risk.
Pizzy   9 years ago
yup its been done, at the top is a view *shock horror* and some empty spots where 'things' used to be.
Darkwalker   8 years ago
Why is it called a *tooth brush*? Don't we usually have more than one tooth to brush?
bek   8 years ago
i think your trousers are still at the end of my bed.... :P