Stuck firmly in its 'dry dock' (read dirt) this boat isnt going anywhere. It's full of asbestos, but its great fun to explore. We sat around for a long time making plans for converting it into a great house. 5min, f? Fuji 64t
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DurgiN   2004-05-29 16:00
mmm kay ... so that's why you shoot 64t and not using a tungsten filter ... may have to invest in a roll one day. This shot looks pretty shit hot!!! i lurve the highlight on the front end of the boat! still liked my angle though ;)
dsankt   2004-06-21 16:00
Exactly, you don't lose 2-3 stops. Next time I am there I will take some from the back, I should have packed mre 64t.
nivelo   2004-08-05 16:00
Alright one of my favourite shots. I'm a bit pist now l didn't take any photos but then again l will have to go back and get some won't l durg?! You ready for another syd invasion? Ahhh my boat :-)


7,602 (2.04/day)

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