An old flour mill. Inside was interesting, but not easy to photography at night. The floor was rotten in a lot of place and walking around without a torch (no trails) was too dodgy. I don't normally shoot at these angles, but it was the only way to fit it in and keep the distracting elements out of the photo. 30 seconds, f8 Fuji 64t
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durgin   2004-07-05 16:00
maaaaaaan, I remember you taking that photo and me being keen to see it - then being dissapointed not seeing it when you uploaded all your piccies onto your site ... I thought that the pic hadn't turned out - I'm stoked to see it turned out like it did - very unique. I like it :)
Pizzy   2004-09-12 16:00
Man they are some bastard tungsten lights there arent they! 64T had its work cut out to get rid of it, still traces of eeek there.
Jstone   2009-08-02 20:45
Excellent perspetive


6,560 (1.79/day)

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