Demolition of the Paris Metro

The Paris Metro and the service it provides are deeply intertwined into the fabric of the city. As the 4.5 million passengers who ride it every day will probably attest it's the quickest way around whether it's for work, for play or both. The metro's distinctive art-nouveau style is unmistakable and the plant like green wrought iron entrances topped with the orange orbs and Metropolitan signage designed by Hector Guimard which sprout up all over the city lead one down to the gleaming white tiled platforms to be whisked away around Paris. On my first trip to Paris I arrived into Gare du Nord and entered the dense maze that is the metro. Despite the crowds, the noise and the distinct odour of piss, I was in love. The kind of love which inspires one to risk life, limb and deportation to get up close and personal.

Running the lines super light without a tripod - just a camera and 2 lenses in a little metrosexual manbag. It's a cred ...

The History

On 20 April 1896 the project to construct an underground transportation system for the city of Paris began. Four short years later the Compagnie du chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris (CMP) opened their first line, running east-west from Porte Maillot–Porte de Vincennes. Not long after that the CMP was joined by the Société du chemin de fer électrique souterrain Nord-Sud de Paris (Nord-Sud) and between the two companies almost all of the 10 lines first planned for Paris were built by 1920. Initially these lines served only the city of Paris (the snobby residents even went to far as to ensure the metro ran right hand side, to guarantee non-interoperability with the left hand side system in the suburbs) but in the 30's - 50's the suburbs were finally connected. Today Paris' metro is still growing and changing through constant renovations, line extensions and the conversion of lines to run driverless robotrains like those of line 14.

On a more recent note however, sometime in October 2007 a few hours after midnight and before the first trains rolled into regular service, qx and I took our first timid steps onto the tracks of the Paris metro. With more nervousness and care than I'd like to admit we gingerly stepped down between the metal rails just off the end of a platform wondering what madness had possessed us to do so. We'd never done Metro like this before and this scary new world was full of elements we didn't understand at all. Looking at every rail critically working out which carried the power, asking ourselves so many questions: how far could the electricity arc, would that even happen, could the cameras on the platform see us, did security wait in the tunnels after hours, were there any trains after service, if so how fast did they go, did anyone live in the tunnels, would we encounter writers? We'd heard lots of stories about RATP security forgoing the usual legal punishments and simply beating up those found in the tunnels and kicking them out onto the street. We weren't packing paint but would that really make a difference?

Picturesque section of metro on Line 4.

We took a few careful paces into the tunnel then hastily retreated to the safety of our discreet entrance and back up the ladders up to street level. Our initial forays were short and clearly we had no fucking idea what we were doing but that taste was like a dirty needle in the arm of pure adventure crack. We were hooked and craved it constantly like two dirty fiends.

Over the next few years we were enslaved like only those who grew up in a city deprived of metro could be. Week in week our we hit the tunnels, scouring our maps and coming up in the early hours smeared from head to toe in that thick black dust which never fully washes from your clothes. I would wake the morning after with that distinctive smell still hovering in my nostrils, for imbued was it into the fabric of all my clothes, my sheets and my hair. The thick slabs of scunge under our fingernails was like a badge of honour, the black tinge in the folds between thumb and index finger which never faded a symbol of dedication. The symptoms pervaded our appearance, our speech and our dreams. To us the system was an open slate ripe with possibilities. We could only oblige by beginning to dismantle it piece by piece.

The ghost stations

Before developing a deeper appreciation of the system we were drawn to the abandoned stations. Some of these seem totally abandoned and haven't been reappropriated for other uses, some have become RATP storage and others, even more rare, were never even open to the public. With time we would conquer them all.

Arsenal, Champ de Mars

The stations Arsenal and Champ de Mars are the easiest to visit as they can be reached from the topside so they're as good a place to begin as any. While situated at opposite sides of the city these two stations share a similar story. They were closed on the same day, 2nd September 1939, when the metro employees were recruited to join the war effort. After the conclusion of the war they were never reopened for general service as they're simply so close to other stations. The paris metro is one of the most dense in the world with an average distance between stations of ~500m.

qx, vevlia, paris, metro, arsenal. What a mix.

Leaving Arsenal with qx and Marshall, following the breeze.

Following these the next craving one might satiate comes in the form of those abandoned stations which require one to partake in the third rail steeplechase commonly referred to as running the tunnels. Obviously one could choose to walk instead of run but unless you're doing this well after service the luxury of a leisurely stroll is not on offer. Whilst the alcoves spread evenly along the tunnel are reasonable concealment they're not foolproof and you're not invisible to the drivers so do yourself a favour and minimise their use. Pack your running shoes and get ready to duck under signal boxes, leap over the points and generally deal with all the problems that come with running over an unforgiving mess of wooden sleepers, metal points, rocky ballast and tangled cables.

At times like these your life comes to a head and you might wonder what the fuck did I do to end up here, huddled into a...

Good form is to, as the train passes by, launch oneself from the alcove down the half meter wide gap between the third rail and the tunnel wall. This isn't the olympics so nobody expects gazelle like speed and grace, the uneven rocky metro ballast will see to that. Ideally the front runner watches ahead for trains, the last watches behind and if you've a third they can count how long you've been running for. It's also prudent to watch for electrical boxes and the like protruding from the walls which require one to duck and weave while still avoid the third rail beside your knee. Knocking oneself unconscious, falling on the juicer and being pulped will crimp your day. Faites attention! With each alcove assess the situation, consider how far it is to the next (if you're lucky enough to see the damn thing) and decide whether to stop and wait or cast those fucking dice again and keep running.

Shortly after fleeing workers in Molitor Station, Paris Metro.


Croix-Rouge (Red Cross) station was the original terminus for line 10 which operated for only 16 years before it, like the two aforementioned stations, closed in 1939 for the war. Similarly it was never opened again for public use. Like Arsenal, Champ de Mars and Saint Martin, Croix-Rouge can be seen from the windows of the passing train as it lies on regular service track. Using this as a guide we judged the distance we'd need to run to get the station and thinking it wasn't too far I invited my gf along for a look. She cautiously accepted which to her misfortune was totally validated when we discovered the distance was far greater than estimated. I doubt I'll ever be totally forgiven.

Croix Rouge station sees plenty of traffic. No easy surface access, you want this one you're running the tunnels whether...

Doesn't count unless you have a photo of the sign ya know, chalk up another.

Hit the baconifier, they'll save you. I promise. Croix Rouge stations, abandoned paris metro.

Saint Martin

Of Paris' abandoned stations Saint Martin is the largest and the most well known. It's the only abandoned station to be dual layer and to have two different lines running through it - 8 and 9. In addition to its size Saint Martin is well known for the 1940's advertisements it contains.

source -

"Both these photos are of advertisements circa 1948, which have never been seen by the public. Note that there is no graffiti, in Paris that means one of two things: they are in a very public place and surrounded in security cameras... or they are very hard to access. In this case, they are very hard to get to...

After the war the metro advertising business was in bad shape, so during the stations brief reopening it was decided that the station would be used as a showcase for what companies could buy in the way of public advertising in the cities metro. However, the station closed soon after and the ads were never used for their intended purpose.

Both these ads are for real products, and I believe "Maizena" (a brand of corn flour) is still in production. These are examples of semi permanent type ads for which a company would pay an annual fee. They are made of hand painted ceramic tiles, which explains why they appear in such good condition after 50 years."
- courtesy of

Off the end of the ghost platforms of Saint Martin station. This is the largest non-passenger station in the system whic...

The stations never used

Following the entry level stations above one might begin to seek more exclusive fruits and rightfully so. Both the stations Haxo and Molitor are a different breed altogether to those mentioned above because they were never finished, never connected to the surface and never open to the public. Adding these to the haul takes a different approach as both Haxo and Molitor lie on sections of track not used by the general service. As such there's no option to peer out the window of a passing train to even catch a glimpse of what's in store if you're lucky enough to reach them. Further both lie on sections of track commonly used for storing trains. Anywhere the RATP stores trains is guaranteed is bring adventure.

Now there's white chalky dust all over your black clothes you're at the doorstep of my favourite abandoned station of th...


Haxo sits on a piece of track named La Voie des Fêtes in the north east of Paris. No stairs or surface access was ever installed to the station, in fact only one platform was built and only part of the platform is adorned with those gleaming white tiles which Paris known for. The station is however, plastered end to end in graffiti. In compensation for the station being so empty the journey to Haxo by foot is a risky, and therefore exciting, undertaking. The Voie Navette to the south is home to layed up trains, workers and security guards with dogs; and to the norths is an awkwardly positioned station which has a history for security busts.


No exploration of the Paris metro is worth mentioning with a trip to Molitor, hardest of the abandoned stations and my favourite. We'd never heard of anyone exploring Molitor and a Google image search turns up some RATP tour photos and little else. This challenge was too good to ignore.

Shortly after midnight, when the train platforms thin of commuters and the workers emerge from their holes to go about their business. There is a slight overlap between these when the last of us, the commuters, and they, the first of the workers, co-inhabit the platforms. A single worker milled around the western end of the platform, shuffling piece of equipment in and out of his work room. He turned back into his room, we leapt from the platform and ran full speed down the tunnel. We bolted straight through the alarms and quickly the flashing lights disappeard behind us.

Ah Molitor, the most fun station in the paris metro. Almost no graffiti and guaranteed excitement every single time. Plu...

If you want this one, you need to work for it. Molitor has an island platform with an arched roof of gleaming white tiles. Unfortunately there's no signage but this is offset by the trains. Lots of trains. Leading south away from the station is the Voie Murat which was packed with probably another dozen - along with more cameras and more alarms. I'd neatly copied a map of the surrounding tunnels and the Voie Murat onto a small scrap of paper folded in my chest pocket. In case of capture I was to eat the paper and claim we were looking for the bathroom. The Artline pen I'd used said the ink was non-toxic but considering the rest of the night's activities I don't know why I bothered to check.

The Voie Murat is much longer than my hastily scrawled map suggests and through a dozen full length trains we snaked, dodging the cameras frequently bolted to the tunnel wall. By climbing over the couplings or walking through the trains themselves we avoided the cameras but not the dong barrier infestations which sprout up between the nose of one train and the ass of the next. Passing them isn't too difficult if you're athletically inclined. For sake of brevity one method is depicted below, discovery of other methods is left to the reader.

A two-pronged dong barrier defence system, the failures of which should be clear. Naturally if one were in a real hurry ...

With various conspirators I returned twice more to Molitor and both were nail biting experiences. The first time we encountered cleaners in the old station and spent an hour lying on the floor of a train carriage hoping the broom wielding cleaner ninjas wouldn't bust in on us.

The Voie de Murat is literally packed with trains, this was the last one in the tunnel before we flew south into the clu...

The second we were separated and pinned down in the approach tunnel by a late train coming in for overnight storage. The driver knew something was up as he parked, exited the train, walked towards us, paused for a while then turned around and walked quickly off the other way. While heard us running off, our unorthodox and circuitous route to the surface guaranteed that nobody would catch us before we vanished. We'll always return to places like Molitor and while the space may never change each trip will be a unique nerve racking, sack shrivelling adventure. And that's the point, n'est-ce pas?

Shortly after fleeing workers in the abandoned Molitor station, Paris Metro.

Raccord Tunnels

In addition to the stations listed above the system is full of raccords, or linking tunnels, which span between lines to enable easy movement of the rolling stock. In our travels though they seemed to be mainly used for work trains traversing the system and for storing trains after service. The raccords are extremely convenient, as like the trains, one can lay up there for a while and wait for the system to close, or simply avoid the busiest stations by working from line to line. As an added bonus they're excellent chill out spots for listening to trains moving through the major tunnels, passing every few minutes in peak hour then at increasing intervals as the service winds down. It's worth noting not to get too comfortable though, lest a lumbering work train interrupt your nap. When those lumbering diesel beasts roll past at 5km/h, covered in workers, you'll be sweating.


Raccord on ligne 6, paris Metro... again.

So empty. We can only imagine the horrors that broom has seen, what tortures it has witnessed.

Almost all of the raccord tunnels are small, single track affairs with dimmer lighting and less graffiti than the main lines. The movement of air pushed and pulled by the trains deposits little piles of litter in the raccords, amongst the stacks of spare materials and components often found in them. One could venture a guess there's less graffiti in them since there's no passenger service there and nobody to see the works. There are exceptions naturally and many of the raccords contain oddities unmarked on any map. Without checking them all, you'll never know.


The only double track raccord tunnel in the system, flanked by 2 elevated line 10 tracks.

In addition to being the only double this raccord is also one of the longest. Raccord tracks in the middle, regular serv...

Rolling Stock

With time the tunnels become repetitive, the junctions similar and the abandoned stations seen. Cliché as it may be, eventually the metro becomes about the experience and the adventure, more a journey than a particular destination. The journey is a conflagration of uncontrollable variables which conspire to make it unpredictable and dangerous. But that's the fun of being within a live system and as they say, there's never a dull night in the metro.

Raccord tunnel where one can find access to the voie des finances.

Naturally the biggest risk is the rolling stock but like the moth and the flame it's what we grew to have the biggest hard on for. Not in an anorak way - you won't see us scribbling down carriage numbers and looking at engine specs; but in a manner of respect for these intimidating beasts which roam the system. They're unconcerned by our weak, fleshy bodies and totally indifferent to whether said body remains in one piece, or many smeared down 100m of track. It's inevitable that over the course of our adventures we'd encounter these beasts up close and personal, in fact by the end we began to seek them out as we gained the courage to venture further into their territory.

Another night, another raccord, another train, another worker yelling at us. BOUGEZ PAS BOUGEZ PAS.

These lumbering diesel powered work trains are found in the raccord tunnels from time to time. About half the time they'...

Automatic line 14 stock, stored in a bastard little raccord off surprise surprise, line 14. Access is a pain from both e...

There are regular trains, the driverless robotrains of line 14 (and soon line 1), work trains and of course, the Spragues. One night while totally unprepared for such we chanced upon a mint Sprague sitting on a platform, like it was fresh from a 1930's production line. It was a twin-car train resplendent in ravishing red and green against the sparkling backdrop of white tile. Red for the ballers in first class, green for second. The panels were shiny and true, the inside lovingly worn. The wooden second class seats were polished, the padded first class ones still springy. It's probably still sitting there waiting to be taken out for special occasions. Don't ask where it is, I can't say.

First class carriage of a mint sprague unit, found in the Paris metro.

Second class carriage of a mint sprague unit, found in the Paris metro.

Mint 1960's sprague unit, found hidden in the Paris Metro. Illoscope reading off the meter.

The Risks

Naturally the activities presented here are dangerous and concern varying degrees of legality but I'll spare you the disclaimer and hypocrisy of "do as I say, not as I do" and offer a short list of situations I or my friends found ourselves in from which you can choose for yourself your own (in)actions.

  • getting caught by security and police while too drunk to function, inspired by 2 French cataphiles on shrooms
  • getting into a fist fight with coked out bunch of frenchies while midriding
  • qx dropping his keys and having them land perfectly balanced on the third rail
  • riding in the back carriage and hitting the bell button, getting yelled at by the driver then having the train stop and wait in the station while we fled
  • being 10 seconds from running headlong into a ghost train near Vavin
  • sprinting out a raccord tunnel after a robot train started up automatically just as we reached it
  • a driver in the voie des fetes telling qx and AC he was glad they weren't throwing rocks at him
  • hiding on the floor of a layed up train near molitor waiting for the cleaners walking by to leave
  • cramped into an alcove with snappel, qx doing similarly on the opposite side of the tunnel while pinned down by a late arriving train near molitor being parked by a driver who clearly knew we were there.
  • meeting workers in an old station and them being totally cool with us, then having a nap on the ground while waiting for the trains
  • jumping out from a midride as the rain pulls into station, way before it's safe to do so and almost collecting a dozen people standing on the platform who are totally shocked at this person materialising out of nowhere onto the platform and hurtling towards them
  • getting caught up between two groups of workers near a yard while trying to access a raccord tunnel
  • exiting from a tunnel onto the platform to discover security hiding and waiting for us by looking at the tv screens used by the drivers to check it's safe to close the train doors. Naturally we turned and crept away very very quickly.
  • getting caught by securitons in the tunnel and discovering they were really scared of the 3rd rail and wouldn't cross it, only go around it. Then the looks on their faces when, expecting bags of spraypaint, we opened our backpack and out came the pile of 1 series bodies and lenses.
  • Jumping up onto a platform mid service and meeting ticket inspectors, who couldn’t' give us a cheap fine since we had valid tickets and instead found something much more expensive to hit us with.
  • the police stopping beside us one night while we were trying to open a locked metro manhole with a street sweeper bristle. Then them deciding it was a catacomb manhole and asking us about the catacombs.
  • Being chased away from a tunnel into a yard by a single security guard yelling "bougez pas bougez pas!". Yeah right!
  • Running a certain camera'd and alarmed to the hilt loop track, emerging topside just in time to avoid being seen by a dog equipped secca who asked "was that you in the tunnels?", "nah mate we're just Australians getting drunk" and lifting our cans of disgusting 12% Maximator beer with a grin.

To be fair it's about time.

Running a loop , and finding nothing except cameras.

The Oddities

With the risks accepted, ghost stations done, raccords run and trains encountered one begins to develop an appreciation for the oddities in the system and begins to comb it, seeking out the weird, the undocumented and unknown places. These places will always draw back those who have a stronger interest in the metro than collecting the set of abandoned stations. Here's a sample.

Really fucking weird places you find in the tunnels - NDC

It could have been the sandwich or perhaps the dainty black leather coin purse with the silver snaplock lying on the table. Certainly something here was Not Right. Turning over the cover of the faded log book, flipping a little then opening it to a page marked with a pen, scanning down rows and rows of dates and times scrawled in blue ink. Today's date was there on the very last row. Check in time - 7pm. Checkout time - blank. Nom de gardien, nom de chien. Name of guard, name of dog. Name Of Dog. We ran.

photo by qx

photo by qx

Juggling our cameras, fumbling lenses back into backpacks, slipping and sliding over the smooth concrete platform we bailed past 2 trains sleeping quietly alongside the platform. Somewhere amongst the rooms to our right a toilet flushed and we heard water surging through the pipes. We'd dodged the guard by virtue of a visit to the pissoir. We bailed past the offices, the training rooms and then off the abandoned platform, over the fence and out into the tunnels. We were safer in the tunnels, the guards don't like it in there around the third rail.

photo by snappel

Evidently they're pretty keen to keep people out of Nom de Chien. One of the hardest 'abandoned' stations of the paris m...

The area around NDC isn't used so much, it's a little dead spot in the system. The trains pass frequently on the other lines though, their lights charging towards you then swerving away at the last minute on route to other destination. Each one brings the fear that it might be the one train to leap the tracks into the dead tunnel and bear down upon you; swaying angrily side to side in an attempt to collect anyone not flattened properly against the wall, or simple lounging in the middle of the tunnel sitting on the tracks. None ever have but the nagging feeling it still there. The air is stiller around NDC, without the constant push pull vacuum you get in the shorter raccords. Even the graffiti is mostly old, faded and coated with a thick layer of black dust. Clearly even the writers don't bother passing by.

Access to nom de chien station, one of the most difficult in the system.

photo by qx

These little dead spots in the system bring true variety to exploring the metro, places you can't see passing by and looking out the window. Little pockets of temporal stasis, islands of quiet found only by those who walk le chemin de fer  ( start kung fu theme )

Enormous vent systems

As their funds dwindled the institute was forced to sell off much of their equipment, and find inventive ways to reuse t...

Lockdown. Ventilation system, paris metro 2009.

The Zébulon

This was the protype for the common MF67 stock, found on an abandoned platforms of an active station.

Don't bother asking because here's the answer: fuck off.

No I don't know where this is. We donned blindfolds and followed the metro leprechauns. GTFO.

The manual was nowhere to be seen, the controls are labeled in cryptic french but we could get this puppy rollin.

Voie de Finance

The Voie des Finances is a short section of tunnel which was used up until 1967 to transport money collected from the other stations to a large RATP office in the east. Special trains running on a 60cm gauge track were used. This small tunnel joined the regular system on a short raccord tunnel between lines one and five.

photo by snappel

Unfortunately the VDF was mostly destroyed during the created of line 14 then locked off from the main system by metal mesh. The short section of tunnel pictured above is one of the only parts remaining. There are unfortunately no trains and of course no loot. At least not anymore. How did you think I fund these adventures?

Tunnels under the river reminiscent of Londons' tube

The small section of line 12 which passes under the Seine is an interesting one because unlike the rest of the system it's constructed of bolted together iron rings which resemble The Tube of London. Most of the metro tunnels are flat but in this section we could quite noticeably feel the gradient which would drop us low enough to pass under the river. Unlike The Tube there's a comfortable walkway on the side so the danger is much lower, except for the nosy populace getting pissed off and whinging whenever they see somebody having more fun than themselves. We snapped our pics and departed.

Metro line 12 under the Seine.

Line 14 tunnels

This is the driverless automated line on which opening the platform doors halts the line.

Line 14 tunnel which carries automated (driverless) trains, Paris.


A map to buried treasure, or at least where you may have found it if you'd be quicker. Voie des finances (money train!) ...

Porte Maillot loop

Out on the western side of the metro map sits a small odd looking piece of look track, the original western terminus of line one. By 1937 Line 1 was extended west into snob ville Neuilly, then further to La Defense. The loop entrance is visible through the train windows before one's train enters Porte Maillot from the east. They're close enough for one to presume there is access between the two but on our first attempt we couldn't find it - which resulted in us bumbling laughing into an RATP train worker change room, and sprinting (laughing) back out being yelled out by an angry worker. We gave up on this plan and busted out our hurdling technique down line 1 from Argentine instead, midservice, dodging more trains than drunken party girls.

Entering the maillot loop, right hand side. This side appears to be infrequently used, the portal is often barricaded. B...

The inbound platform on the old loop has been converted into a workshop known as l'Espace Maillot. The old platform has been totally renovated including work rooms and even an inspection bit. Of course, knowing our luck a worker turned up and we had nowhere to run. We'd been caught in the Metro... again. Shortly after a work train rolled in and we were left sitting watching the efficiency of french workmanship. It was worse than watching a grandma pay with cheque at the supermarket - an entirely normal and everyday occurance at your local supermarché.

I'm going on the theory that exclusion of one is inclusion of the other, and that given the stairs are forbidden territo...

Moving and unloading one work-train of two items took almost two hours of consultation, reconsultation and more of the same. Thankfully I didn't understand most of it and took a nap. Amusingly we discovered that not all the workers knew the keypad code to the main door, so they installed a complex modern system where a plastic streamer was tied to the inside door handle, then passed out through a hole so the door could be opened from outside, by anyone who turned up and yanked the plastic. Naturally we exploited this security feature until they clued in and we were forced to open the door in broad daylight, inside the station, being passed by dozens of commuters, using a fucking stick we found in the gutter.

Hook up your own tonic concoction at l'establissements millard. Original advertisement, abandoned platform of Porte Mail...

General dicking about

Yeah we're legit. Tu parles anglais? Oh shit...

Blowjob 2008, abandoned metro station, Paris.

While the picture doesn't represent it exactly, mid-riding is best done in rush hour, so the business people crammed int...

Maillot Loop, Paris.

And of course, the abandoned section of tunnel converted into an underground facility, including a tunnel packed with the fading red and green of vintage Sprague rolling stock waiting to be moved to a museum. Shortly after we found it the tunnel became the venue for the illest party of the year. You can read more about this place here.

Who's popping loli in the bowels of the metro? Wouldn't you like to know. The driver's cabin of the train on the left co...

A red and green worm of vintage Sprague Thompson rolling stock decaying in the old tunnels below paris, locked away from...

The connection to the live system, now locked, plated or welded shut. Paris 2009.

As the graffiti on the left train alludes to, at one stage these vintage Sprague Thompson carriages were destined for a ...

The end?

As we haven't walked every section of tunnel nor checked every door, and considering the evolving nature of the system and the city it supports there is and will always be more to see, find and experience in the metro. This is in no way a definitive list, nor even a checklist for future explorers to use in their adventures in the metro, since discovering your own places is substantially more rewarding and something we should always pursue. Counter intuitive as it may seem, the system still feel so virgin despite the thick layers of graffiti almost (:P) everywhere. Not once did we encounter others of a similar disposition to ourselves down there. Not a single graffiti writer, nor a single explorer. It's easy to believe the Metro is yours alone to explore and no doubt there is much more to be found secreted away below the streets of Paris. Pose 'em and get fucking involved.

Shortly after fleeing workers in the abandoned Molitor station, Paris Metro.

The souls of the children will haunt all those who come withing their bony reach.

Shouts first and foremost to quantum-x and marshall, the two with whom I spent the most time tucked into alcoves as the trains whistled past. Also to snappel and hount for the nights face down in the ballast, nose to the third waiting for the perfect moment. To BHV for that first piece of information which led us down onto the tracks that first stressful night. To everyone else I got dirty, stinky and downright filthy with. To the iron men of the CMP and the NS who built such an excellent system and the hard working staff of the RATP who maintain and extend it. Last of all a special shout to le-mec-sans-nom, whose hours of painstaking work opened possibilites everywhere. Your contribution to this project is forever appreciated.

ds, 2010.

About the author

Found frigid and dying in the snow by a passing missionary at the abandoned Soviet airbase in Choir, Mongolia, little dsankt never had a chance. The Dreams Foundation granted his wish to one day travel the world, thinking he'd only last a month or so. To everyone's amazement he's still going strong. When asked for comment the foundation's treasurer would only say, "The little mongrel cunt just won't fucking die, it's costing us a fortune!"

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Take only items liable to make profit on eBay. Leave only Fatcaps.
dsankt   6 years ago
yaz ebay is small time, you gotta be thinking antique dealers son!
Foantje   6 years ago
Once again great report !
hount   6 years ago
niceeee :)
Hoodia   5 years ago
Cool))) I like))
geezer   6 years ago
Double Trouble   6 years ago
Is that a gang sign being thrown down by the guy on the right? He looks like he's pointing down at his shoes.
dsankt   6 years ago
Hell maybe they're just fresh kicks. Where's yaz's authoritative kick knowledge when ya need it?
Anonymous   6 years ago
yaz   6 years ago
They're vandals (leather back's and sides in canvas), may 08 remakes, rare as fuck and the only shoe Nike ever released in qx's size.
Mr Kiki   6 years ago
Dude, I am always thoroughly amused by your exploits. Keep up the good work.
Kamagra   5 years ago
Actually exploits)
jannx   6 years ago
I love the glazed brick in these stations..
et ce n'est pas un chemin de fer, c'est un poisson!
dsankt   6 years ago
un poisson de fer, je pense.
hount   6 years ago
good time with machiniste....
captinsane   6 years ago
luv your work.
There was a wikid show on SBS last night in German named Kontrol(er?) in which a german ticket inspecter lived a subterranean existance, playing chicken with the tuesday night express and eating his dinners inside the trainyard when he wasn't harrasing non-ticket-carrying citizens.
peace out... happy travels :D
dsankt   6 years ago
Ha, cheers for the info, I'll try to hunt that movie down. It sounds right up my alley.
akos   5 years ago
that film is not german. it's hungarian. Kontroll. come on confusing german with hungarian, no lingual skills there, huh? : ) yes yes old thread still i had to do it... :D nice work by the way. Goulasch Boy
snaps   6 years ago
Great post, and unexpected, but yes, the trains certainly deserve a post of their own. You could've use 'that' photo of qx if you wanted!! Ah man, the Sprague - I remember how after that we called it a night at about 9pm - had to rest after that!!
epizzy   6 years ago
I'd ruin my pants too if I saw a sprauge. That reminds me of a scene from that Robert Altman film about fashion.
dsankt   6 years ago
Well you ain't gonna see them in fucken australia are ya?
dsankt   6 years ago
Wait a minute, you're not caveclan pizzy, you run bessa blog right? Too many (e)pizzys!
uliveandyouburn   6 years ago
Traiiinns! Killer photos, any idea when you're gonna be stateside next?
dsankt   6 years ago
Not soon likely, my summer plans are almost set and they don't include a stateside jaunt. Which sucks since I have a fair idea of wtf's going down. Boltage of a certain tunnel, right?
Bradley L. Garrett   6 years ago
Fantastic post dsankt, a delicious testament to the wonders to be found in the hidden city.
Piz   6 years ago
The jealousy thickens! Sprague looks mint as fuck - whats the story behind the section of tunnel it was layed up in, what is it generally used for. Raddest update in a while, A will buy again.
dsankt   6 years ago
Catch me on msn sometime geez and we'll talk shop. These things aren't for public ears ya know.
hount   6 years ago
woop woop!!!! good time!
Andrew   6 years ago
What a beautiful train, and a great post.
Marc   6 years ago
This time the RATP expected your visit and erased the name of the location from the sign in case you'd take a picture of it... ;-)
dsankt   6 years ago
They're fucking onto us! Wait till you see Nom de chien, they totally switched their style up and confused the hell out of us.
Winch   6 years ago
Inspiring stuff, again!
S. Marshall   6 years ago
You know what, I actually got a ride in that very sprague a few months ago. The 14, oh how we all shit ourselves when it unexpectedly woke up :)
dsankt   6 years ago
Good times! Riding the spague must have been dope, did you midride the sucker?
Rule   6 years ago
Big shit mister. Saw these on your flickr.
Miller   6 years ago
Brilliant pix. Photographic Anselm Kiefer, Twilight of the West
Anonymous foamer   6 years ago
*Hmmm*... There _are_ other partially double-track raccords, for instance, the line 1line 5 one between Gare de Lyon and Quai de la Rapee, which incidentally also begins on a siding parallel to the running tracks in Gare de Lyon station. Actually, I wondered a moment if this was it, until the interrupted track on the 5th picture gave it away: Looking at the track maps at hxxp://carto.metro.f, this must be the line 7 line 10 raccord between Place Monge and Maubert-Mutualite. A weird place indeed.
Verfsnuiver   6 years ago
Guess Lady Luck called in back, haha
dsankt   6 years ago
Funny you mention that actually, next up is a small jaunt under the river in which I think lady luck fucking died.
slyv   6 years ago
Actually, we say: "Nom d'un chien!"
dsankt   6 years ago
Man that's what the book said, go and look for yourself!
Otter   6 years ago
Whats the mural looking thing all about? Taggers or some official wierdness?
dsankt   6 years ago
Official weirdness, they use it for driver training so the drivers can practise stopping beside the fake platform.
schnappsizzler   6 years ago
It's part of the training: "Some passengers will be bears, and some will have duck heads, but this should not cause you alarm."
Beens   4 years ago
In case of accidental chemical ingestion, passengers will appear as shown. Do not be alarmed. Drive as normal.
S///   6 years ago
Im sure it was a nice doggie! Btw lol, i now 'work' for RATP :S
Marc   6 years ago
Was it "nom de chien" or "nom du chien"? while the later is grammatically correct, the former may be a ratp technical term! :)
dsankt   6 years ago
You're in paris, how about you go look and let me know what is says capn...
Teh Otter   6 years ago
I swear the more you explore the closer you end up to asia. What happened to the parisians?!
dsankt   6 years ago
Man one word, chinatown.
Verfsnuiver   6 years ago
Hahaha, i like the name refrence.
dr.t   6 years ago
Chilled me to my very core. The horrors lurking beneath our cities will never fail to amaze me. Return to the UK, there are stories of a young gentleman in Bradford being dragged down in a culvert over and over again. Of a man from far away lands entering the depths of London only to be fore fed liquid that serves no purpose except to fuel his ramblings. These are not isolated incidents. Surely with your expertise and your L glass these moments will be captured for centuries to come....
dsankt   6 years ago
We must establish some kind of network for capturing and exploiting these incidents. It must have a catchy name and some kind of mantra which everyone parrots but none adhere to. Alternatively we can just get buckwild with a backfull of of Old E and see what happens. Works for me.
S///   6 years ago
Hmm, i think your just covering up for getting nicked.... :P
dsankt   6 years ago
I just randomly found that picture on the net and included it. It's not relevant :P
Teh Otter   6 years ago
Siolo it should have been obvious its not part of the set, it has no slimer :D
dsankt   6 years ago
Well shit son, I best crack out the potatochop then.
siologen   6 years ago
Slimer is randomly generated as far as i knew. On the page im viewing, Slimer is trying to hump the curly haired, bandana wearing baby cop, in that photo ;)
dsankt   6 years ago
Randomly generated, he HAUNTS the pixels son.
Jondoe   6 years ago
Did you perform an appropriate release ceremony for the captured, tortured souls once back aboveground, at a suitable distance away from the horrors? I fear you may be tormented by trembling voices, whispering appeals for release, on future documentary outings should you not have strictly adhered to 'the code'. You did leave only footprints right? Please tell me you left only footprints?!
dsankt   6 years ago
Naturally I have installed the Salvation of Decay Sufferers plugin for CS5, so upon reaching a safe distance I released their poor souls from torment and delivered them from evil into the hands of facebook and flickr. Regarding footprints... no comment.
Smo   6 years ago
Best post yet.
k   6 years ago
Very interesting. Alth ough all that rubbish about your expensive camera equipment made you sound like such a twat.
dsankt   6 years ago
I say good sir, that was indeed the point. Though clearly it's gone over your head.
Wrrr   6 years ago
double lol with k's comment. gold star.
yaz   6 years ago
And never, will your complementary metal oxide semiconductors be the same, knowing what they have captured, the sorrow, the pain and torture. One by one, dead pixels will appear, and soon enough, your lenses will infect rapidly with mold, bearing them no value in further sales, on the eBay variety, thus deeming discerning negative feedback. These horrors lead a long way, there was once some documentation on the very subject, but rumor has it the guys involved found a bloody fate, stacked head to toe, skulls laterally crushed. Terrible it was.
dsankt   6 years ago
Since reading your post I have been consumed by a state of woe and despair and your forewarning has proven itself already to be true. I have done some test shots with my pre-production 1ds iv and the cmos is plagued by a swarm of hot pixels. I overlayed their position on the photos taken in the horror tunnel and can clearly see they're densely populated over the areas in which the children suffered the most. I beg of you to seek out this documention of which you speak, for the sake of the children and my cmos, I must know more of it.
urbanity   6 years ago
Thank God for the Dsanktification of this accursed place. Some say that the off-spring of at least two of these super- receptive hosts were rescued in their infancy by the knights of the round plughole, and shipped off to Oz to be trained throughout their formative years by the Klan for the trials that lay ahead. Legions of disciples in the church d'urbex await the coming of these brave fellows with gleaming CMOS, tripods of pure carbon fibre and gospels of pure, unadulterated, wack.
dsankt   6 years ago
If they shipped them to Oz that certainly explains a few things. If you have more information, any information, please call the hotline and report it 1800-WACK-NESS, if you see something, say something.
jx   6 years ago
unfortunately the only known lens to adequately ensure the moment of capture for these tormented souls is the Canon 24 tse... you'd better be prepared for the next time. You won't regret it. Nor will the lost souls.....
dsankt   6 years ago
Given that when tilted/swung the area of sharp focus takes on a conical shape radiating from the front of the lens, were one of the souls to move too close would they then run the risk of being chopping in half be the razor sharp Cone Of Focus? I think in that instance perhaps the most ethical course of action is to _not_ document, rather than risk causing more suffering.
Youknowwho   6 years ago
Pff you don't even like kids. For the story to be true you would need to be laughing while telling it!
dsankt   6 years ago
I don't know who you are, or what you are implying. This is no laughing matter.
nckt   6 years ago
And you came back? Excellent stuff. Maximum respect kind sir.
dsankt   6 years ago
Those are the risks which must be accepted, if decay is to be documented.
nckt   5 years ago
and decay needs to be documented. get to West park post haste. I hear it has decay that hasn't been documented enough.
dsankt   5 years ago
It hasn't burnt to the ground yet? Jeez the local chavs are getting slack. When the locals couldn't even be bothered to torch the joint you know it's done.
nckt   5 years ago
It's still standing. The UK needs an asylum destruction society, to make the UE pros at 28DL cry...
dsankt   5 years ago
I'm pretty sure 90% of the proleague abandoned that site long ago and took their class act with em ;)
nckt   5 years ago
90%? I was under the impression they all did...
ljswish   6 years ago
Amazing story, where did you find out all that info?! The shots are so chilling.
dsankt   6 years ago
a l'institut de BHV!
snapon   5 years ago
Awesome, some of the best Metro photos I've seen. I'm guessing the first two were shot with Big L?
dsankt   5 years ago
Indeed they were. Unfortunately html isn't avaialble to you in the comments to make that lil L red (and god I know you want to). I can manually edit it, if you like?
Sledgy   5 years ago
Epic. But when isnt shit from the Metro epic? Well done.
dsankt   5 years ago
So very true, the Metro does all the work really - we just turn up and take it all in.
Speedio   5 years ago
You talk alot of sense in this one, i like it!
dsankt   5 years ago
That's a good change I guess, normally it's utter trash!
S///   5 years ago
Dem 'dong barriers' s'only 1/3 of the height of dem ones wot they rock under London... Otherwise id be down inside the Wood Lane and Triangulate yards beneath West London innit blud ;) Fuckin niiice werk! :D
dsankt   5 years ago
3 times the height... your tunnels are smaller. I'm calling bullshit on this ;) Cheers cap'n Westminster.
morse   5 years ago
that was a sick bedtime story!
dsankt   5 years ago
Man if this shit put you to sleep then you're beyond help!
Jayefx   4 years ago
this is actually an awesome bedtime story, everything on sleepycity makes me feel calm and sleepy, or maybe it's just the expert photography making my brain release melatonin.
dsankt   4 years ago
Damn this is becoming a recurring theme. Perhaps I need to step it up a notch.
TOKAS   5 years ago
You have balls-o-steel. Epic. Awesome. Insert other adjectives here as appropriate.
imprez   5 years ago
solid work as usual DS, you keep right on fuckin' up them evil, evil dongs.
dsankt   5 years ago
You know as well as I that it's merely a numbers game. Enough time in the system will get you results and eventually capture. The dongs always win in the end.
Shinx   5 years ago
Deliciousness of underground stations, God I hate Australia. Nice work, mate, love it!
dsankt   5 years ago
There's always the tunnels from Roma-Central and Brunswick to Central. They were doable last I tried but that was a while ago now.
SuspiciousMinds   5 years ago
Benchmark photo's and dito story, I'll give you that.
dsankt   5 years ago
Cheers, you can give me more if you like ;)
Bhv   5 years ago
At last, you got evidence that Hount needs an exorcist. He's walking on walls, head spinning, saying nasty words. :) BTW, I love your pictures Ds.
dsankt   5 years ago
We've all known for years that it's true. Thanks professeur BHV!
Winch   5 years ago
Loving the constant pouring out of juicy metro goodness here. Nice work.
BigLoada   5 years ago
Damned fine ideed! The idea of glowing black dildoes already had me juiced up, until I saw the pics, which just made me explode on my monitor.
dsankt   5 years ago
If you're a hardcore spicy curry man, then you best wipe that shit off asap before it eats through the screen.
jannx aka jannx   5 years ago
ds, as always 'unending excellence' ! BTW: the best damn "tripod" portrait ever in yr first foty thx for the tour! ;D
Zodiac   5 years ago
The 4th and the 5th picture make these mf67s look like they're bursting out of the light. That confirms what I've always thought: they come from heaven.
hount   5 years ago
fucking good picture :) thanks bhv, i think you are the best for exorcise me in your institut
dsankt   5 years ago
haha, shouts to the BHV.
KEKE   5 years ago
Bravo!!! Avec les aventures extraordinaires, ce site est le meilleur du monde.. BRAVO!!
marc   5 years ago
squeak   5 years ago
Your spelling is wrong: N'EST CE PAS ? Great story, great pictures.
dsankt   5 years ago
Too many mornings falling alseep in french class after playing all night in the metro ;)
agour   5 years ago
Awesome stuff as usual!
Skeptic   5 years ago
Dr Mongole?? WTF I think you mean DR Mengele, and Germany, not France. This is a load of BullS#*t You have no imagination. If you are going to make things up, at least be original
dsankt   5 years ago
Aw poor baby, find something you don't like on the internet did you? You forgot to leave a link to your own stash of highly original content produced at great personal peril. Wasteman.
Skeptic   5 years ago
I don't have a link, cause I haven't pulled any stories out of my ass lately. Obviously this is some sort of in-joke and it must be hilarious for you and your special friends "BHV Institute" and "Dr Mongole" (usernames of your fellow Flickr mates), however this does nothing more than trivialise the events that occurred during WWII, and undermine your own reputation. I have added a website that you may find helpful for your future posts: Snopes
dsankt   5 years ago
Yeah the BHV Institute, Dr Mongole and I got together and had a right laugh actually, more at your comments than anything else but take a chuckle where you can right? We got out a map and looked at where France and Germany are and decided that yes we did mean France and I asked the good Doctor to spell his name and indeed he spelled as I did above (though with one of those little french accents above the e - I'm too lazy to switch the keyboard to international mode). Also you're welcome to swear if you like, no need to self-censor here. Let those emotions out man, feels good doesn't it! Snopes turned up nothing on Dr Mongole unfortunately, which made the Doc a little depressed at his lack of Snopes Recognition. Perhaps you posted the wrong link? Better luck next time eh?
TC   5 years ago
Yep, just checked. Skeptic is RIGHT! BHV Inst and Dr Mongole are Flickr names, and there is no record of this in the Met history. Building wasn't even completed til the 20's. I think you have been had : (
nckt   5 years ago
Absolutely fantastic write up, photos, the fucking lot son; Shit is real.
dsankt   5 years ago
It's a lot more real when you're being chased by security. Maybe someone got some video of the last round of idiocy. It was messy.
Moe   5 years ago
This story is so romantic (and reminds me so much of my experience with the NYC system). Fall in love with the girl, be nervous and amazed when you finally kiss her, spend a wonderful and rewarding period of time exploring her every crack and crevice, and eventually, just make her your bitch and bust her up with your buddies every once in a while on a whim. Wait, that's still romantic right?
dsankt   5 years ago
Probably the most romantic thing I've ever read. Considered a job with Hallmark?
winch   5 years ago
Absolutely stunning, inspirational, mindblowing stuff. This blows anything else I've seen on any subterranean transit system completely out of the water. Respect.
dsankt   5 years ago
Winch   5 years ago
Now for the LU.... ;)
dsankt   5 years ago
You're closer than I am. Get on it!
Winchester   5 years ago
Don't think we're not trying!!! Mr S///////////// has blown the rest of us out of the water over this weekend. Maybe the 'A' and 'B' teams of London will complete a mammoth task at some point soon!?
dsankt   5 years ago
I'm aware how different the challenges are between London and Paris, the Tube is a very different beast indeed. I don't expect it will ever be explored in a manner similar to how paris has been done unfortunately.I think there are some issues between teams A and B, so to speak, which seem not so easily resolved. Rarely do I see S/// get angry over anything and certain events seem to have wound him up quite a lot. I'm glad to not be directly involved but I'm sure that hoourable information flow between the two (c road comes to mind) would be mutually beneficial.
Jim Gillette   5 years ago
agour   5 years ago
awesome stuff as usual, nice to bring all the previous posts of the metro together, gives it all a lot more depth, respect!
dsankt   5 years ago
Cheers, after all the work it seemed logical to finally put it all together into something more than a loose collection of posts.
yaz   5 years ago
RATP: avez-vous tous été dans le métro?
dsankt   5 years ago
Clearly there's a problem here with encoding. Fucking internets.
Goblinmerchant   5 years ago
With every double finger swipe that scrolled me deeper into the bowels of the Paris Metro, the fear began to build. When I finally realized, sweating and rubbing my temples, my coffee now cold, that you had written the longest UrbEx blog post in the history of human kind, I loved you a little more. Nicely done mate, great to have this all in one place.
snaps   5 years ago
This ain't UrbEx, son ;)
dsankt   5 years ago
Ew urbex!
nckt   5 years ago
to quote potentially the the best line relating to this post on the internets: 'now that's a eXplore!'
JaL   5 years ago
Yes, that was a very interesting introduction into the underground side of Paris and its metro... Thanks for that ! :-)
Viktor   5 years ago
That was fantastic! I'd love a chance to explore some of these kinds of things - legally of course. You'd be amazed at the amount of stuff you can get into without causing problems if you just ask. Although, the frenchies might be different. Definitely appreciate the photos! keep it up!
dsankt   5 years ago
As is commonly said: It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. Plus once denied permission life becomes much more difficult if you do whatever it is you've been denied.
Eurotrip Tips   5 years ago
Amazing shots. I'll keep my mouth shut as for the whole legality of the process, though. ;)
Nico   5 years ago
Wohw... mauvais pour les yeux...
dsankt   5 years ago
non ce n'est pas possible, le metro est beau et tu le connais!
Aqualung   5 years ago
xp   5 years ago
Thanks for doing this, and documenting it, for those of us who will never see it for ourselves.
dsankt   5 years ago
Bah, what's with the defeatist attitude?
oams.d   5 years ago
1st comment here but been readin for a while. Inspiring me to get overseas, stuck in the Hobart darkie for now :p Fuckin' awesome site mate. Love it :) Have a good one :)
dsankt   5 years ago
There are worse places to be than Hobart Darkie. Once you reach escape velocity you're never going back.
Marketing de Filles   5 years ago
Our Blog like your blog and photos. We are 3 french students in Paris and we will write an article about your site ! It is a really good means to discover differently the Paris metro ! Don't hesitate to visit our blog to read soon the article about your photos ! www.marketingdefille s;
dsankt   5 years ago
Merci pour le link :)
Marshall   5 years ago
Top stuff mate, so many good times. I've sent you a clippy of the finest black metro dust so whenever you feel the need you can rack up and chase the Paris metro dragon.
dsankt   5 years ago
I'll sprinkle some of it in my palm when I'm feeling lonely and it'll be the next best thing to being there. Glad to have shared so many adventures with quality people, the best of times.
jago   5 years ago
Great stuff here. Amazing images. Keep on doing what you're doing! It's alive!
thomas p   5 years ago
Terrific photos. I'll never take the tube anymore... and wait for the trains to get off... so that i could walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walkand walk and walkand walk and walkand walk and walkand walk and walkand walk and walkand walk and walk!!!
dsankt   5 years ago
So long as you're ready to run run run run and run.
S///   5 years ago
Fuckin' nooooobody does it better, sometimes haters wish someone woooould. Fucking awesome finale to the utter teardown of one of the finest compendiums of crazy rad interesting shit anyone ever thought to build under a city.
dsankt   5 years ago
So, which city should we start on now?
Cornstarch   5 years ago
Maïzena is indeed still made -- a fine product. I have been known to bring one variety back to the US in my luggage. When I accidentally forgot a suitcase on the side of the street near Bastille during la Fête de la Musique, I miraculously recovered it from the Police, who had logged it in as "valise avec vêtements, conserves, et Maïzena." And they all asked me about it: "Mais pourquoi la Maïzena, Madame?"
Caspian   5 years ago
Nice photos! I want a poster or coffee table book.
dsankt   5 years ago
If you're interesting buying a print drop me an email.
Caracalla   5 years ago
Incredibly great ! I really enjoyed reading this article, and envy you, as the parisian that I am has always dreamt of doing what you've done. Sooo cool !
dsankt   5 years ago
Then get out there and do it, you've no excuse :P
urbexIL   5 years ago
I am totally blown away. This is by far one of the most epic urbex stories I've ever experienced. Your photos are amazing, and the metro system is expansive beyond any dream. I am speechless. Kudos.
dsankt   5 years ago
Cam   5 years ago
Shit bro! /end.
Verfsnuiver   5 years ago
You sir, are my hero. nice writeup.
ArdianZzZ   5 years ago
WoW! Fantastic!
RichInSydney   5 years ago
Excellent work. Photography is great, as are the stories. I love traveling the metro and am always amazed at its diversity (not just the stations, but the side tracks and ghost stations the trains pass through). Loved the bit about having to sprint from a tunnel when a robo-train started up without warning - woulda scared the s**t outta me.
dsankt   5 years ago
Man we turned and bolted. The whole night was hectic from the start, that just capped it! We didn't take much video back then unfortunately as it would have been fucking classic.
Tcat   5 years ago
Oh my! What a great battle for the best ever of photography, writing and just having me cry with joy for top spot. Just incredible. Maybe the best Christmas present I ever got. Thank you.
dsankt   5 years ago
No probs capn.
EnamelKoi   5 years ago
This is a fantastic presentation of a wonderful journey! The pictures are terrific and the stories of how you got them make them that much better. While my days of such escapades (and they were never on this scale) may be behind me, I can really appreciate the spirit here. Great of you to share it.
dsankt   5 years ago
Thanks for leaving your message, your words inspire belief that there are still people out there who had(ve) that adventurous streak and that the entire older generation isn't a bunch of scared sheep concerned with liability and what might happen if people hurt themselves doing something they love.
victor raggio   5 years ago
great work. congrats
Dimkit   5 years ago
What a stunning work ! I wish i were here ! Amazing shots & discoveries. Just keep it up guys !
R2ro   5 years ago
Nothing short of spectacular. There aren't enough superlatives to describe awesomeness of the photos and accompanying narration. Can you guys do New York as well?? :)
dsankt   5 years ago
Thanks, If you're interested in the new york subways I'd recommend heading over to LTV Squad, selecting subways from the location type dropdown and immersing yourself.
Eve Politanoff   5 years ago
Absolutely amazing, great post !
seotons   5 years ago
very nice pictures ! there is a lot of hidden treasure in Paris
mustafa   5 years ago
Simply effing magnificent! Once I was able to schmooz my way into a ride in the cab with the motorman of a 12 train from Abbesses, but I never saw anything as cool as these pics. You guys rock at urban subterranean exploration. More, please!
dsankt   5 years ago
It's a great view isn't it! Riding up front also make it obvious how easy it would be to see someone in the tunnels if they didn't take care to hide themselves.
Theremin   5 years ago
Fascinating story/photos! I'm interested in doing an article about you for an online fan magazine, is there some way I can contact you?
dsankt   5 years ago
My email can be found at the bottom of every page in the footer or on the About page in the top menu.
erik   5 years ago
great photos, but a little too instructional. Someone could read this and not understand the real danger of it and get killed.
dsankt   5 years ago
I believe the risks and possible consequences are outlined sufficiently above. If someone chooses to put themselves into a dangerous situation and dies that's unfortunate of course but we possess a brain and one does well to use it. Life is inherently risky whichever (in)actions we choose; that's the crux of it - people make their own choices.
prasad   5 years ago
Incredible i'd say! amazing photography.. stunning. how did you manage the risks :)
dsankt   5 years ago
Anyway we could!
seotons   5 years ago
how do you do to enter in ?:)
lanchester   5 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your adventure/quest! Really really beautiful pictures. Art...
erik   5 years ago
just saying,, i don't think the internet is the place for any random dweeb to read a step by step guide to exploring the Paris Metro.
Mike   5 years ago
um, the internet is exactly the place for that sorta thing. great pics btw!
dsankt   5 years ago
That's okay, because I don't give a fuck what you think.
Davidikus   5 years ago
Great project! The photos & the write ups are excellent. I never did half as much as you have but this reminds me of my youth in Paris! davidikus.
dsankt   5 years ago
This is an aspect of paris, to me, which separates it from so many other place I've been. Not so much with the metro, but certainly with the catacombs, the average person on the street has an idea of what they're about and why people go in them. The idea of exploring your city is almost normal, and the number of times we'd be entering/exiting a manhole and have a passerby stop for a quit chat about the ktas was surprising to those of us who come initially from a culture where anyone doing something different is viewed with suspicion.
Alyssa Becker   5 years ago
BEAUTIFUL photos. Absolutely captivating.
trefynnon   5 years ago
Damn, I've led a sheltered life! Great pictures and writing; you can smell the ozone. And I love the last pic with the disappearing concentric curves. Inspirational!
dsankt   5 years ago
Then there's no time like the present to rectify the situation. New year's resolution?
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Uploader smileys   5 years ago
Wow, i never saw this in Paris métro ! It's awesome. You've made a great job and took beautiful photos ;)
h miracle   5 years ago
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xris   5 years ago
great job ! could you do this in other metros????
dsankt   5 years ago
Of course :)
STPo   5 years ago
Great, fucking great job. I take the Métro every day and have never heard about all this.
dsankt   5 years ago
That's the thing, it's right outside your window the whole time but unless you really look it's so easy to pass it all by.
FilRazorback   5 years ago
As someone mentioned before, the proper French for it is "nom d'un chien" =)
dsankt   5 years ago
Indeed, and as I'll mention again you can sneak into the station, avoid the guard and his chien, open the book and tell me it's not what I've got above ;)
Humour   4 years ago
i also heard about the legend about the Molitor station and the entrance in the Lycée when i was young. Seems to be just a legend...
Drey   4 years ago
Amazing document, amazing pictures. How did you manage to sneak in line 14's tunnels??
dsankt   4 years ago
That's a good question, with a great answer.
Jerry   4 years ago
Great post. I was wondering how did you end up in the small electrical room anyway. Paris above ground is full of beautiful architectures, but you managed to capture the haunting beauty of its metro systems. It would have been great to see the so called money train up close though. Keep this up!
dsankt   4 years ago
How, we just climbed in. It's been a long time so the situation has likely changed considerably.
Greg   4 years ago
Hey im not quite sure of you can help me out a bit but im planing to go the Haxo station sometime this week starting from places des fetes and walking the voie des fetes from there, is this a good way to get there or could it be better to try the other way from the 3bis? Cheers Greg
dsankt   4 years ago
Late reply but just a word of caution to be particularly careful. A bunch of brits have been caught in the system recently.
Opticien   4 years ago
I'm from paris and never saw my city this way GOOD JOB!
Jenny   4 years ago
I loved your accounts of the trips to the metro stations. The photos were absolutely fantastic. I think you guys take urban exploration to the next level. Can't wait to see what other exotic places you are going to explore next.
donnie   4 years ago
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Mark Richards   4 years ago
Great exploring adventure, great company with great pictures. Who could ask more? The metro stations at night look so haunting yet at the same time, so inviting. The amount of graffiti on the walls show that many people have already been there and explored its depths.
dsankt   4 years ago
True indeed, many have come before and many will come after. Gotta take the chances you makes!
BILLIG UGGS   4 years ago
Excellent, j'aime beaucoup :) bonne journée
dsankt   4 years ago
aliza   4 years ago
carlos   4 years ago
fucking brill guys ! love the PM this site with all the hidden stations and other stuff, think the LU will be more of a challenge with the 7/7 bombs and stuff. plus the over officious cunts will hang, draw and quarter you if they catch you which they probably will ,any ways cheers .best thing i`ve seen for ages on the web.
dsankt   4 years ago
You'd be surprised actually, almost all the abandoned stations in London have been done. As for the consequences of getting caught, that's pretty surprising as well.
ny1   4 years ago
Sad to see that the Metro has such lax security.
dsankt   4 years ago
I'm tearing up just thinking about it.
forfait mobile   4 years ago
1st comment here but been readin for a while. Inspiring me to get overseas, stuck in the Hobart darkie for now :pFuckin' awesome site mate. Love it :) Have a good one :)
Christopher   4 years ago
As usual, you guys go to great lengths just to be able to sneak into the metro station at night to take some awesome pictures. You guys might have escaped unscathed this time, but who knows what will happen next time. Keep up the good works and keep posting those pictures!
dsankt   4 years ago
Next time is always exciting, because it's unpredicatble.
Samir   4 years ago
Pretty unreal and totally awesome. I wish I was a photographer back when I did this at my college, exploring the entire underground system there and ending up in the very off-limits power-plant on campus. What an adventure!
dsankt   4 years ago
I wish it also.
Sohbet Chat   4 years ago
Thanks for admin.nice sharing.very nice..
gagarin001   4 years ago
Superbes photos. Dommage que l'auteur n'ait, semble-t-il, pas participé à des grosses teufs comme il y en a assez souvent dans les anciens dépôts de wagons. Il aurait pu pour y faire des photos et en montrer l'ambiance avec son talent.
Travispoy11   4 years ago
Aw, this was a really great post. In theory I'd like to write like this also - taking time and real effort to make a good article... but what can I say... I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get something done.
jet privado   4 years ago
nice job ! could you do this in other metros?
dsankt   4 years ago
Of course
Lisa Adian   4 years ago
This is totally informative and magic...thank you...totally took my mind to another place and time and wish it could go on and on...thank you!
Alex Cavity   4 years ago
If it wasn't for urban explorers showing us that such places exist, we would never know. Who knew that even such uncompleted train stations can be explored, and I give you props for daring to find your way in there. Hope to see you uncover other secrets around paris!
JLM Diffusion   4 years ago
Amazing trip. I hope you could do it in other out of time places. Il like the Enormous vent systems and the spiderman in Molitor JLM dif
Lia   4 years ago
Found this randomly in google and i cant say enough of how much fun i got from reading it. Exploring the dark side of Paris! Wish I could have done it if I have bigger guts and actually be in Paris.
Tom Jones   4 years ago
Wow I didnt know there is so much about Metro in Paris. I know that Saint Petersburg Russia has the biggest underground system and Moscow is even bigger
Nigga   4 years ago
Wow, that makes sense.
Agnes   4 years ago
That confirms what I've always thought: they come from heaven.
Poulpi   4 years ago
Hello, cool cool photos :) Being Parisian myself, here are two things pictured up there that you can see safely (if you're lucky) : - see diesel powered work trains : sometimes, they show up late at night, just before the last metros. I've seen them often on line 10. - see (and travel in) a carriage of a mint sprague unit : I've already traveled one on the "Journées du patrimoine" (every year, in September). The RATP actually put them in use again for the day. There was even a guy at each door, dressed in an old fashioned way, opening and closing the doors for the passengers : this was extremely cool. And there are also "legal" visits of the hidden Parisian tube if strolling in the tunnels doesn't thrill you that much :)
DaveSteve   4 years ago
Awesome images, I feel the need to wander the city more at night. Cheers
Michiel Van Kets   3 years ago
The lack of a proper introduction does turn this a little nebulous. Jus what is meant as 'raccord' or 'flp' is intriguing!
Gerv   3 years ago
Great read! Killer shots.
Chuck   3 years ago
Urban archaeology at its finest !!!!
Nick   3 years ago
This is one of the coolest things I've read in a while. So interesting. Would love to do something like this the next time I am in Paris. Only problem is I have to find someone willing to come with me!
MI5   3 years ago
SHITE. Do you understand. Or MERDE in French.
dsankt   3 years ago
So badass.
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Ljubljana Sights   3 years ago
I can only wish that Ljubljana would have such a metro. Impressive metro :)
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Stunning is an understatement for the great photos. The pics are simply amazing. As a Metro lover i am really happy that I stumbled into your page. I am really jealous... I live in Bangkok and they only have one Metro (MRT) line...
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1st comment here but been readin for a while. Inspiring me to get overseas, stuck in the Hobart darkie for now :pFuckin' awesome site mate. Love it :) Have a good one :)
Horror Movies   3 years ago
Really great blog. I really enjoyed the pictures of sprague. I had never seen this type of train before.
misskatniss   3 years ago
This is truly inspiring - great photographs. Really "abandoned porn" for me.
Natalia Filatov   3 years ago
It seem that they develop it very well and it turn to a beautiful one good job on those who renovated it.
Alon Alexander   3 years ago
Really nice ! A beautiful and fantastic history of Paris Metro. Such a nice creation of human. Its a heritage for the upcoming generations. Awesome photographs.
tipster   3 years ago
WOW... Awsome pictures!!! You are terrific my friend!!! Excellent!!!
Maya   3 years ago
Great photography, inspiring truly amazing
Martin   3 years ago
Amazing photography, truly inspiring stuff! Can't wait to get out at the weekend and have a go myself. No Metro here but some nice boat and marina shots should be possible.
Alexander M.   3 years ago
These are absolutely incredible - does anyone have a link to similar photos that cover the London underground (where I live)? Would be cool to check those out if anyone has come across something like that. In any case, fantastic work!
Randy Anderson   3 years ago
Awesome photography! i really like it. :) thanks for sharing with us.
john ren   3 years ago
Mind blowing photographs!!!! Really it showing the development of the city.
IR Lamp   3 years ago
cool pictures....!!
suhail   2 years ago
The driver knew something was up as he parked, exited the train, walked towards us, paused for a while then turned around and walked quickly off the other way.
Jean-Pierre   2 years ago
I take Metro everyday. I didn't it was hiding so many secrets. Amazing!
Jeddah   2 years ago
Images are awesome looks like vintage style and remind of old paris. Very good one
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Would be cool to check those out if anyone has come across something like that. In any case, fantastic work!
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Amazing photographs. Very informative post..Thanks
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