Ah quiet little Brisbane - my home and where I cut my teeth on underground photography. Exploring in places like Aquacave, Burford's Batcave and Toadie are the drains I spent countless hours fucking around with lighting sources, angles and styles. I learned a lot just messing around and having some fun, burning loads of film and scrawling down exposure settings.

Curly inspired me to go back and shoot this junction, even though I've wandered past countless times before. w0rd homie....

We don't understand why this gate is here, or what its purpose was. It's definitely not moving any time soon. The parall...

It is common practice that whoever finds a location is given the rights to name it. In this manner names such as Dougo's...

Other than the small amount of writing in this photo, the drain has almost no evidence of human presence. It seemed like...

Why don't you take a seat. What are you doing here?

About the author

Found frigid and dying in the snow by a passing missionary at the abandoned Soviet airbase in Choir, Mongolia, little dsankt never had a chance. The Dreams Foundation granted his wish to one day travel the world, thinking he'd only last a month or so. To everyone's amazement he's still going strong. When asked for comment the foundation's treasurer would only say, "The little mongrel cunt just won't fucking die, it's costing us a fortune!"

Harry Phillips   2006-06-22 13:44
Man I would love to come along one time and learn not only about the tunnels but about the photography as well.
dsankt   2006-06-22 17:38
Hey I'm not your best bet as I'm off to see the world soon. Contact the Cave Clan in your city, they can help you with the tunnel side of things have plenty of capable photographer to.
enyacat   2006-07-13 10:37
Seems interesting....I want to play too!!
CitadelMonkey   2006-07-20 16:52
Mate...loving those pics of the Brisbane underground...if only I had checked them out when I was there years ago! By the way, if you're off to see the world, make sure you make time for the UK...lots to see here!! Check out this website www.28dayslater.co.uk
waffle   2006-07-25 03:35
A bit offtopic, but I spotted a large drain entrance in Brissy the other day, an outlet into the river, coming out of the bank fairly high up, near the south end of the riverside expressway It has a square-ish section at the front, which changes to an inverted egg-shape after a metre or three, tall enough to stand in. Ever explored this one? Are there photos on the site of this very drain? Does it have a cool urbex name? I can only speculate that it leads to the hidden underground city we all know exists under the CBD.
dsankt   2006-07-25 09:13
Sure waffle, that's the best known drain in Brisbane and the first one found by the Cave Clan.
methylated   2007-04-11 13:36
yo i found some funky drains around carindale heights. Large ones that go for ages, also do you know of any spillways around brisbane?
kitten   2011-07-10 18:13
oh...my...god, where is the drain in carindale heights? pleasseee tell meee
Amy   2011-10-05 15:13
where where?
tuddz   2012-09-17 04:52
I would also like to know about so called Carindale heights drains.
shwar   2007-08-31 04:13
Man this stuff is awesome! Anyone ever checked out the old mill in albion? They're going to be tearing it down soon.
shane   2011-11-14 10:32
the old flour mill is still standing
FIZ   2007-09-03 06:18
HEY shwar im up for checking out that mill at albion but every time i get the chance my freinds dont want to go ill cheack it out with ya some time if ya want ALL invited :)
FIZ   2007-09-06 16:03
hey dsankt i found a drain under the walkway that go's past the old customs house on the river just down from the old stone drain looking out at the story bridge looks hard to get to without geting wet a boat might do the trick at low tide do you know of this one and if its got another way in ? + i found another that go's under an estate in eight mile plains go's a long way good fun though geting in and out ;)
shane   2011-11-14 10:34
hey fiz, I am on the north side of brisbane - i heard a story about a tunnel that goes under the brisbane GPO & comes out near the customs house area, might be worth a look.
ghosthunter   2007-09-08 08:45
i'm only new to this scene, so new infact that i just found the site lol. Anyone round brisbane want to check anywhere out and want an extra on board give me a yell :D I have tried to track down Cave Clan before but had no luck. I would love to join Cave Clan if they're reading this or even form my own group if need be.
FIZ   2007-09-10 09:17
hey ghosthunter you can join us if you want belmadar@hotmail.com or 0424746937 if your keen for it
FIZ   2007-09-18 06:44
hey guys ive herd a lot of rumors about a catacom under brisbane is it true duz it realy exist ?
dsankt   2007-09-24 21:33
Fiz, funnily enough we chased a guy who claimed such a thing and even dropped a hint for more information. He never responded to email and we never could find the 'catacombs'.
waffle   2007-11-01 02:33
Hey, FIZ, did you check out the mill? It's boarded up at the moment, but it looks like mr_magoo_icu has been in recently anyway, so it's clearly open to those who make the effort. Dsankt, sorry to hijack your comments to make conversation :)
FIZ   2007-11-27 11:15
yeah still dosnt stop me lol its a nice absail from to top of the silo too :) had too laugh the last time i was there we stumbled into the old house and were chased out by some angry tramps :) never ran so fast in my life :)
FIZ   2008-01-12 14:40
hey all happy new year been runing around climin and jumpin off of everything lately need more guys to run with us for a change :) much more fun that way give a yell :) urbancavers@hotmail.com
FIZ   2008-02-12 12:12
wow all in red now i liked the green best gess i was used to it >.<
FIZ   2008-03-07 08:17
Noooooo they pulled down the mill my best roof absailing spot is gone grrrrrrr must try to get on top of silo one last time ninga style >.<
Phreafie   2008-03-26 05:46
love the pics, have been to a few of the same places. last original heritage of Brisbane! does anyone know of some natural caves not too far away from Bris? I want to do some sound recording in one, and possibly spend a night or two! :) please reply to my music myspace page - I check it more regularly than other emails etc. thanks!
Phreafie   2008-03-26 05:47
oops - that was www.myspace.com/phreaf ;)
Shwar   2008-07-03 11:00
Hey Fiz, sorry I never checked this page since I posted! But about this time last year me and a couple of mates did end up going in one night, It was great fun, no photos though... it was kind of a spare of the moment decison to go down there. Went right up to the top of the silo, could see right into the pub next door. We only had our phones and a lighter for light, and as our first urban exploration experience it was a total thrill. Its a pitty they've gone in and developed it, but I suppose its cool theyr'e keeping part of the old building. WIsh there was more places like this.
FIZ   2008-10-31 09:29
hey man yeah there is and i plan to find em all >.< well hope to anyway just so much cool places out there to go ......one place im going next is the hinze dam near the gold coast there is a vent ya can crawl in and go into the dam wall hope its a good place to explore
live-in   2009-01-04 04:16
WAFFLE, are you talking about the one right near the maritime museum, if not ill show you, goes for a couple of k's and im not sure where the s riverside is pisses me off every oneseems to know but me (joelwoodcroft@hotma il.com) any help from any one is appreciated
shane   2011-11-14 10:39
which one are you talking about, i have a little info about the martime museum/dry dock area....maybe an entrance to a railway tunnel? i am not 100% certain of tis though.
FIZ   2009-01-13 16:45
na thats the one right near the back of the police station it winds around for a bit then turns into a long hall then to one side with the big room looking out at the roma st garden lake.... anyone check out the doll hanging from the ceiling covered in red paint lol nearly gave me a heart attack when i first saw it..... some origanal humor there......OR some real sickos that think there saintanists O.o

anyway hows euroupe going dsankt?
dsankt   2009-01-14 08:17
Dope enough to stay permanently if I wasn't so ADD. The front page is a mixture of crazy London infrastructure, russian goodness and the ukraine. That just about sums it up.
Geksta   2009-02-24 07:33
FIz- Yeah i saw that creepy doll, but last time i went in it had the shit burnt out of it, Still hanging from the roof tho!
FIZ   2009-03-17 14:59
yeah havnt been back in a wile now /cry to busy with work and all realy wana get back into it tho....the suns starting to hurt my eyes and ive grown skin back on the palm of my hands....lol but theres a few places i wana go back and take a few mates that are new to the scene :)
aullfuto   2009-05-04 13:06
brilliant stuff, im dreaming and drooling at the same time.. would love to see it all, had no idea this was all just around the corner. just brilliant.
Flicka   2009-06-26 03:17
the mill will be fully demolished by 2010 to make way for apartments and a shopping centre. my piece still stands in there, on the one remaining building. and theres one remaining silo. I wish when i used to get in there years ago i had a decent camera instead of a digi, they're the only shots i ever got of the place. It was amazing. my first abandoned building experience too.
Perish   2009-07-27 13:10
Anyone up for some caving in brissy this weekend? Done darkie, burfords, 73, lots to still find. Someone wanna show me something new?
Toy   2010-06-22 11:14
Hey mate I'd love to go some time if u r still around bris, my email is Saphokhia@yahoo.com. au
FIZ   2009-07-29 14:31
hey Perish if ya want to tag with us we go a fair bit so we could show you one or two others if ya wana join Urbancavers@hotmail. com

sorry for bombing ya post log Dsankt how gos the traveling :D
Amy   2011-10-05 15:15
Do you still head out because I would love to come take some images!
tom   2009-08-28 16:58
hey Fiz, Im really keen on joining unbancavers. Your hotmail address doesn't seem to be working. Could you please add my msn so we can chat about this futher tomass_2003@hotmail. com
cheers mate.
The Nameless   2009-10-04 17:20
Hey.. I'm very new to this and ahve only poked around a bit with a few friends. Can anyone tell me if there's anything we should really avoid aside from the obvious?
Anne   2010-01-19 03:46
I fell over this amazing site when googling "Brisbane heritage stormwater". I am hoping that one of you underground explorers might be able to help me. Our 1889 building at the Gabba has a problem. The roof stormwater exits the building thru the basement. While basement flooding has sometimes happened because the water is slow to get away, the drain now seems blocked. Though the blockage is actually under Stanley Street, Council says the fix is our problem and can't even help with drainage plans. Does anyone know if there is an old tunnel system in Stanley Street near the Gabba Sports Grounds? I suspect we've never been connected to the modern stormwater system. The thought of having to dig up Stanley St to find the problem is heart stopping and ridiculous! Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
shane   2011-11-14 10:42
I have been told from reliable sources, that many years ago, the area around the now Gabba Cricket ground and even up as far as the Chalk hotel were once all swamp & farming land. I was told a story about an old creek that has been now a under ground drain in the area of east brisbane/norman park, this drain is believed to go for quite a long way.
samus   2010-02-10 16:24
hi all,
myself and a few friends are keen photographers and really wanna get into some urban photography. can anyone suggest some good places in brisbane to start off? i'm thinking of hittin that cave near the southern side of the riverside expressway. not sure where bouts it is or how to get to it - ive only just heard about it.
grub   2010-02-15 01:49
where is the best and most popular one. and safest might i add, to go exploring in. im really keen to go.
dsankt   2010-02-17 11:18
This site was never created to be a shopping list but evidently that's how it's become. Sad.
crumpet   2010-03-01 04:45
Take it as a compliment dsankt; your site is evidently the Internet launching pad to anything drain, pipe or just Brisbane City Council related (comment #35 is lovely).
drk-assassin   2010-05-11 09:17
hey all, im new to this and i was wondering if anybody knows any little treasure troves in ipswich. info will be much apreciated. thnx
dsankt   2010-05-12 19:45
As Winch said, just get out and go looking. Keep your eyes open for things which look out of place.
Winch   2010-05-12 16:05
Try driving around and looking for derelict buildings, popping manholes and seeing what's underneath, and getting into construction sites and getting up the cranes. It's all in front of you.
drk-assassin   2010-05-24 09:39
thnx and haha i went out with a mate the other day and theres a storm water system at the enterance to the local bush. will take a look after school on friday
unklek   2010-06-16 14:30
Hmm, so many lazy people. Who's keen to explore in Brisbane? I know a plethora of places :)
Chicken nugget   2010-06-22 18:47
Hey, I am :)
shane   2011-11-14 10:47
I am keen
unklek   2010-06-24 18:30
Do you have an email address Chicken Nugget? Or is it possible I know you already?
Fiz   2010-07-19 12:56
:D Give us a Buzz if ya Keen Urbancavers@hotmail. com we go every few weeks
power scooters   2011-05-15 18:58
One of the best blogs I have ever come across. Thanks for putting this together and sharing with us.
noni   2011-06-29 09:30
hi gabbie ring me cool shots keep shotting 0458082025
Richard Leslie Whereat   2011-06-29 16:05
I'm heading up to Brisbane on the weekend, and next weekend for some family things. I'd love to go exploring in the tunnels you have in Queensland. What are some of the addresses to some of the more awesome tunnel entrances? I've moderate experience caving, but I'm not in the best fitness for climbing. 0434 992 320 is my mobile number, or hit me up on gmail.
Rinks81   2011-08-25 14:26
Hi all, I'm new to this, I have a huge fascination with exploring. Any groups going out, Ide love to join you. Hit me up wotzaname@hotmail.co m I'm from the gold coast hinterland, happy to go for big drives/rides.
NHC68   2011-09-23 11:40
I'm interested in exploring the underworld of Brisbane, if anyone else out there that will accompany. Fairly interested in taking photos too
shane   2011-11-14 07:56
I very much interested in not only the underground, but also photography. I would be happy to accompany you.
tubby   2011-10-18 10:07
dsankt, bin following yr eurotrips via PH and SU. this is about the most ancient way to say good on you, son, but whatever.
credsky   2011-10-26 07:25
I have heard rumors about the tunnel in the first picture named "hell." I have never done much urban exploration but I have spoken to one person who said there was a common agreement among Brisbane urban explorers that you DO NOT go down that tunnel. Can anyone shed any light?
dsankt   2011-11-06 22:02
There's some truth to that, but I can't tell you why. Though, who'd you hear that from?
King Thor   2011-11-11 00:10
Where are the tunnels in the first photo? And how do you get into them?
dsankt   2011-11-11 08:27
I think you misunderstand how this site works.
King Thor   2011-11-11 00:11
And what might happen if I were to go down the tunnel saying HELL?
dsankt   2011-11-11 08:26
Do it, find out.
shane   2011-11-14 07:57
i would be interested in this tunnel, do you want to go?
shane   2011-11-14 07:58
lets go
carllly   2011-12-01 14:11
locations? where is the under GOMA art gallery?
Brendon   2012-02-07 09:29
Ok so most people on here dont get the answers they seem to want but i thought i might try my luck. I am an amatuer photographer and I love exploring old buildings and would love to go see the tunnels for myself. if anyone is willing to take me/divulge where some good and easily accessible tunnels are then i would love to hear from you. email me on beejay_777@hotmail.c om if you can help me. sorry dsankt for further ruining your post, but this seems like the best place to get information
dsankt   2012-02-20 20:59
Have any luck?
Chuck   2012-02-13 09:30
man i'd love to do any of this shit im in ipswich anyone know any abandoned buildings,undergroun d places or drains????
crazytrain1978   2012-04-13 05:58
Checkout your local Ipswich City Council, they have drain maps easily accessible online & for free :)
bdc   2012-05-01 14:09
im surprized you have no shots of creek st !
dsankt   2012-05-01 14:40
I do, it's just not in this post. You'll know it the minute you see it.
bdc   2012-05-02 13:09
its been a while, and life moves on, and bdc members pass, but none of those pics ring any big creek bells.... i would have thought id see the adelaide slide, or the gauntlet mould. the anzac squeeze would have made a good one too....
dsankt   2012-05-02 22:49
The fan chamber is the killer feature.
CJ   2012-05-22 10:35
Man, this site is killer - congrats dsankt. Are you back in Bvegas? Or still cruising around the world?
dsankt   2012-05-22 11:19
Still OS but not enough cruising for my liking - too much work.
CJ   2012-05-22 12:31
Do you mind if I ask what you do for work? Or just whatever you can find?
Niou   2012-06-18 10:14
He lives off drain coins
william Smith   2012-08-02 09:22
This is fantastic blog.i like this blog.
barnz   2012-08-20 02:24
hello fellow urbexs, looking for infomation on the fan chamber, willing to swap some info. any groups heading out an about latley, my mates aint intrested but this stuff drives me wild. willing to tag along with someone or group. let us know barnzquick@gmaildotc om
barnz   2012-08-20 02:25
im brisbane south aswell cheers
sleepless   2012-08-27 11:40
mad keen to go looking, this shit is amazing!!
Abe   2012-09-15 02:37
Hey barnz... I'm keen to go for a run.... I'm in it mostly for the photography so I tend to stop n shoot on a mission. Don't have the fan chamber you speak of yet but i'm searching. Email me your digits....knitrex9@g mail.com...
Iago   2013-01-14 02:45
Your shots are awesome! I took the opportunity to add a post about these photos on by blog (www.urbexplayground .com/blog/). Hope that you will be ok with that! :)
steven   2013-01-23 11:09
someone should make a documentary about this,
Daniel   2013-03-10 09:36
Hey guys, I'm a student journalist at Griffith University here in Brissie - I'd love to write a feature article on this sort of urban exploration. I'd keep all names secret of course, but I'd greatly appreciate it if I could come along on some of these sort of trips and talk to you guys! My email is djsmyth88@hotmail.co m, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks, Danie l
mrfox   2013-03-14 06:32
Hey all, i have had lots of trouble contacting bris cave clan, any help? Also looking to meet other urbex peeps in brisbane, my friends seem to shun the whole thing. im into drains, exploring caves, abondoned buildings e.t.c Mainly for photograpy. hit me up if interested and send me an email foxygarbage@gmail.co m. hope to hear from......anyone.... ..
Steve   2013-05-15 07:56
Hi there.
Love the photos. I am part of a group who would love to have some photos taken at some of these locations. We are looking for grungy indoor/outdoor locations and some of the shots of the drains look fantastic and just what we are looking for. If someone can get in touch with me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
dsankt   2013-05-15 22:24
Are you shooting a film, or something similar?
Rod   2013-06-11 10:53
Greetings all. I am an avid photographer looking for interesting backdrops for shoots with models in Brisbane. Any suggestions of where I could go?
dsankt   2013-06-11 17:48
Can provide tours at standard day rates. Let me know.
DKT   2013-06-27 11:35
dsankt, can you call me or email me re tour for this Saturday 29 June. Bucks adventure for my mate. i have an alternate access point in spring hill but hav not been in as yet. DKT
dkt   2013-06-27 11:36
0450 902 101
Snoopz   2013-08-14 13:14
Dsankt, I'd be keen as to go on a tour through drains/tunnels/aband oned buildings.
Canondeadeye   2013-06-21 23:37
Hey all. I am a student photographer at Griffith and have a deep passion for all things abandoned and old. I've been into the old Albion mill, the Towong cemetery multiple times in the early hours and many more. My next trip will be the kangaroo point/high gate hill drain. I am quite curious as to where the "Hell" tunnel leads, but i suspect it leads into another drain system (probs wrong). I am writing in the hopes that someone may hold the answer as to how to get into the tunnels underneath the CBD. The only entrance i know of is located underneath the Subway on George St. This entrance has been cemented up however :( I have heard rumours of old 19th century train lines under the city, and if that's the case, maybe there is an entrance to the tunnels somewhere near the modern day train lines. If someone did know where the CBD catacomb tunnels were, I would gladly come along and take photos with professional gear.
Niou   2013-08-06 11:32
Book me in for a day tour, I cannot afford to pay you upfront, I'll have to collect drain coins/sludge treasure as we go. Will pay you in dirty dollars at the end of the tour. Is lunch provided? Let me know when your in town next and I'll book (can't afford to pay deposit up front)
Shay   2013-09-09 21:03
to any body in the ipswich area .. when i was teenager i hung out in the old ippy rail works area in north ipswich. i have a very good knowledge of all the underground passage ways and flood tunnel and bomb style shelters hidden in that area .. if any body would like to make a trip out there or just want directions out to some , i would be keen to help or arrange a day out there :) my names shay and my emails shay.robinson1985@ho tmail.com
Luke   2013-11-13 11:31
Hey, Love your shots and ideas. I'm looking for a place to shoot my bikes (Fixies) in Brisbane. I've used Brisbane Power House and around Tenerife. Any ideas where I can get some edgy / trendy shots? Cheers, Luk e.
brandon   2013-11-23 09:05
hey guys i am looking to do some exploring in some tunels but i dont know any one that is keen on it would any one be interested is showing me a coupple thanks
brandon   2013-11-23 09:06
tunnels* couple*
meggan   2014-01-10 02:35
Hey guys, Just came across this site and love the photos. I really want to get into this kind of photography. If anyone wants to meet up on a weekend and go some place to do some exlporing and photography. Send me an email at Shadow_chicky@hotmai l.com
Zain Madden   2014-01-29 03:13
I would like to contact the author of this site, zainmadden@hotmail.c om
Jayden   2014-02-27 00:03
Me and a few mates are going to try find some tunnels in the city this weekend. We aren't to sure where all the enters cues are..Guna head in Saturday morning, anyone keen to take us on a little tour :).. Or maybe a nudge in the right direction?? Would be much appreciated, peace.
Danielson   2014-03-08 21:57
There's some tunnels under the old abandoned wolston park home ..its has these tunnels to escort thr prisoners to and from the ships ..im sure there's even torture cells down there full spooky but sucrity always chassis us out would love to see photos of this dark hidden place that nobody talks or knows anything about
Jackie Sinnerton   2014-04-23 02:21
Hi there I am doing a story for Courier Mail on Urbex and your photos are really good. Would you mind giving me a call on 07 3666 6346.... I don't have to name you if you prefer thanks
D   2014-05-02 08:46
Hey i just went for my first urban tunnel explore just wondering where the entrance is for the bat cave, we tried the one near the boat museum but it just got smaller and in the end we dropped our nuts and went back. I wasnt too sure if this was the entrance or exit to the bat cave, i hear it is a inland entrance on leopard st, but we couldnt seem to find anything. :/ Any tips on where this is or anyone who would like to explore it with us?
two4three   2014-07-25 06:10
hey man, if you follow that path along the river for long enough you'll see a drain which extrudes about 10m from the rockside, walk along the path keep and eye out and good luck, its a really fun cave
arch   2014-06-25 17:44
just wondering if theres any feasable way to get close to the brisbane convention center and if anyone has a map of sorts the could send me. are the tunnels their crawlable through if you could email me at hamasmillitant@hotma il.com if you have a map or if its not feasable/no acess points for kms. probly use a dummy email to contact me prefably before november, sewer maps seem hard to aquire, thanks in advance
K   2014-06-27 07:32
Hi guys, Ive just moved here and would love some people to go on adventures on ! i have discovered 2 houses that are rather eerie. Please contact me on k.lindemann@live.com .au if anyone has any info.