Curly inspired me to go back and shoot this junction, even though I've wandered past countless times before. w0rd homie. saturation in photocheezy. iso400? Laziness :(Two light source: a white LED for all the junction, deliberately kept out of the corner for a vignetted look, and a SuperTwizzle for the tunnel. Hence the f5.6 212s iso400
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curly   10 years ago
werrrd up, werd it uo neeeeow! you can fit in lots more of it than i can with my dodge equipment
thomas   10 years ago
hells gate? Leads from Ipswich, I know it is in brisbane / surrounding from the local graffiti artist in the bckgrnd, see it everywhere. Would this be in Ipswich no?
dsankt   10 years ago
Brisbane, just south of the CBD.
Ivan   10 years ago
its almost like i am at the crossroads, except i am underneath my world. desolate, scary, but a choice i have to make.
curly   10 years ago
anonamus   10 years ago
TrollBoy   10 years ago
Whoops, I foolishly assumed this was a box for sig comment. The photo is incredible, I love the way in is a pipe made of bricks. The tasteful and topical graffiti adds so much to it. King of the outcasts. The Troll leaves his mark where angels fear to tread. Troll 3.L.A
Darkwalker   9 years ago
I'll take the obvious; tunnel #1. It's no gateway to Hell. I see this dumb shit everywhere...pisses me off. I actually do know where the only two Gateways are...and U.S. is one of them. Can anyone guess the other? Give you a hint: hot and sandy. Every Holloween, Satan releases all the evil and tortured/murdered souls out for a march in these areas at the stroke of midnight. If you REALLY want to know the sites...PM me. Yeah..that's all off topic. Sorry, got carried away. Nice photo.
Toy   5 years ago
Hmm interesting can u send me some links and stuff? au
Unamous   9 years ago
where are all these tunnels at????????
dsankt   9 years ago
anonymous   9 years ago
Props to staer
Cam   9 years ago
This is one of my favorite photos... I want a Print =P
dsankt   9 years ago
Sure, that could be arranged.
Flicka   6 years ago
familiar handstyle.
AD'148   5 years ago
Hey does anybody please can tell me where can I find that tunnel that is in the picture?
dsankt   3 years ago
barnz   3 years ago
looks way better in the pic then real life. my pics are all steamy, which is wierd cause it wasnt steamy in the junction
dsankt   3 years ago
Take your camera out of your bag earlier and give the glass time to adjust to the temperature. Makes all the difference.
Barnz   3 years ago
Cool, thanks ill keep that in mind next time.