Dust to Dust

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of a friend. Not the usual kind of friend, but one of stability and reassurance. The kind that, when all else fails, you can fall back upon because you have so much history and so many shared good times that nothing could come between you.

The last shot I took of TPS before boarding a plane to see the world.

Teeps and I go back a long way. Hell Teeps and many of us go back a long way. Dozey, ekweleks, twinky-z, myself and many others have visited Teeps countless times. Some just to reminisce together, others to party. We'd just drop in quickly at the end of a long night without any reason at all. Teeps welcomed our visits without words. The presence alone was enough, it was comforting.

Rear corner of the station near the old switchyard well into the demolition.

So with little fanfare in late 2006 Teeps, friend and companion, was demolished to make way for of all things, a tennis centre. Tennis At Tennyson - what genius conceived such a brilliant concept. Teeps we'll always remember stalking through your empty halls while dodging the holes in the floor and trying not to wake the guard dogs. Sitting upon the concrete rooftop as a ferocious electrical storm brewed over head making our hair stand on end. Or camping out on the roof with airmats and mad snax0rs awaiting a perfect sunrise.

It's odd how attached one can become to a hulking mass of bricks, mortar and steel. I'm not going to question the feeling, just run with it and let it be. RIP Tennyson Power Station.
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Found frigid and dying in the snow by a passing missionary at the abandoned Soviet airbase in Choir, Mongolia, little dsankt never had a chance. The Dreams Foundation granted his wish to one day travel the world, thinking he'd only last a month or so. To everyone's amazement he's still going strong. When asked for comment the foundation's treasurer would only say, "The little mongrel cunt just won't fucking die, it's costing us a fortune!"

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The Pimp Twist
TextBookHippie   8 years ago
Well said.
Air33   8 years ago
Wow, I've seen bit of the this place here and there, and heard about it to. I'm always sad when a power plant gets torn down :(
big cock man   8 years ago
that reminds me when i was working in the mines.i would come to work at 5am eat my ham roll then i would wack up over a vb tallies,god they made me cum all over the place in my pants on vl commo.anyway i got a news paper the other week and on the front page it said how cool i fucking was.
durgin   8 years ago
reminds me of an oversized meab ... I just skooted through a powerstation today in London, it had sliiiiiiiiiides in it and sacks to stuff yourself into to increase da speeds, f'n rad :)
Flame   8 years ago
as 'the other' aussie...you do alright with an interesting update :-p
dsankt   8 years ago
Haha Durgin you make me smile, Teeps had no sacks and definitely no slides... even the coal conveyors were long gone! Flame... The Other Aussie - what a mad title!
nightgoat   8 years ago
I used to go driving around out behind this stretch of the river when I was on campus at UQ for no good reason; I'd see this place from miles away and wonder what the hell it was. It just looked so cool and imposing, even from a distance. Sad that it's gone.
s///   8 years ago
I only did Tennis Son once n had to squirm on my belly for 200m to get past the workers repairing the front gate then spend 20 minutes unravelling fences to get in. Got to the roof which was sweet then got scare off when a Ford station wagon drove in and 3 Alsatiens jumped out. RIP indeed.
Sgt Marshall   8 years ago
I loved this place, was devistated to see it slowly be pulled apart. It felt like home to quite a few groups of explorers I think.
dsankt   8 years ago
It would be interesting to know how many others were visiting over the past few years, I wager it would be a pretty decent number. Access was a little more difficult with the dogs - I bet they scared the shit out of a few peeps.
Cam   8 years ago
That Sucks... I get dissapointed when I hear about places like this getting torn down, Swan Bank PS, now this one... Its a good thing they dont rip out too many drains!
millsi   8 years ago
shit fuckin no good! cooling tailraces were the funnest way to get in!
dsankt   8 years ago
Yeah millsi, they were always the most fun. Squeezing through the lil grate and crawling through. Good times!
bank   8 years ago
Yeah its a shame. I was greatly disspointed as I never had a chance to visit. I only really came about when it was already half demolished. Ah well at least you had your good times - theres plenty of powerstations in the sea.
rookie   8 years ago
i always wanrted to explore this place but now its gone and i feel sick in my stomach, dammit
rookie   8 years ago
any1 know any other cool places to go in brisbane?
dsankt   8 years ago
What you got to trade kid?
Tom Fletcher   5 years ago
Great collection of pics. Have you joined Flickr photo program? I have a number of pics there that are "duplications" of some of your pics. Wonderful invetions, these disgital cameras. In case you want to view my stuff, my non de plume is Tannykid or The Tanny Kid.
dsankt   5 years ago
Hey Tom, I perused your flickr but didn't see the photos to which you refer. I've added you as a contact on flickr.
koko   3 years ago
beautiful pictures of ugly buildings