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i am a(n):
amateur photographer
fine art / nude / fetish photographer
gas mask toting urbex tourist
movie industry location scout
student film-maker
security guard

for access details
for a location in which to shoot my movie
for a place to take dark, brooding self portraits
for a place to take nude models because nudity and abandonments is revolutionary
to make a documentary
to write a great piece on this new and dangerous craze
for something quirky to brag about to my workmates around the watercooler

this is a great opportunity because:
I will give you a credit / hyperlink
it will be good exposure for your photography
I can showcase your amazing sub-culture in a new light
through my indepth questioning you will experience a journey of self-discovery
although I can't pay you for your time, I really *really* appreciate it
you enjoy being a stepping stone for others aspirations, right?
to be honest I haven't even considered what's in it for you
I will fondle your nutsack (check for accelerated service)

I ask because:
I'm too fucking lazy to look myself
I need a story for deadline and this craze looks easy to exploit/sensationalise
I have zero appreciation for the time you have put into finding these locations
I am a parasite upon the hard work of others
I call it a 'cheeky request' but we both know I'm just out for myself
can I shit on your carpet?

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