Congealed sewage on the floor and beached toilet paper trailing from the wedge, this is London. The tunnels could be blocked by placing wooden beams into the slots either side of the wedge indicated by the darker bricks. Stone, red brick, yellow brick and black bricks all in one place, I love this city more every day. Lit with a single uberfluro and some gentle technique. Fuji 160.
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Air33   2008-01-23 23:23
so how did you light this? I'm thinking its a very long exposure at a high fstop right? Its so uniform.
Pizzy   2008-01-24 18:07
Oh fuck.
Pizzy   2008-01-24 18:08
No really, thats fresh.
dsankt   2008-01-24 19:58
f8 I believe, walking nice and slow with the fluro shielded. Two passes (forward then backwards) down each tunnel lighting the opposite side. Backwards was sure interesting with all the slipperly gunk you can see on the floor - notice the clear footprints.
dsankt   2008-01-24 19:58
Goddamn it takes a lot to impress Pizzy these days... what's a brother got to do?
DurgiN   2008-01-25 01:49
hells yeah, that's the bomb notes. I hear them, they're calling to me from this photo. "BAAABBBBAAABA BA BA BOOOOM!" - fucking great photo ds
FB008   2008-01-25 09:37
[darth vader] Impressive [/darth vader]
thecleaner   2009-03-16 04:47
excellent ..
AlexCavity   2012-04-10 05:50
It looks as though you have used some pohtoshop to create that effect, but I know that that is what the tunnels look in fact. Save for some lighting effects and trick photography, I like how you are able to make even sewers feel inviting. I have never wanted to explore the sewers more.
best SRO   2012-06-08 08:21
I like how you are able to make even sewers feel inviting. I have never wanted to explore the sewers more.

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