Urbex Site Name Generator

Keen to jump on the wagon with your own sick urban exploration site? You've fired up potatochop and 'togmatix then whipped up a Jackson Pollock HDR special. You've scribed the definitive words on the who/what/where/how/why of UrbEX (complete with detailed equipment lists and a disclaimer). All that remains is to pick the perfect name to draw visitors, capture clicks and stack up mad adSense cheddar. Luckily for you sleepycity is here to offer some suggestions:



Get a cliche mediocre name? Of course you did, try again!


Pseudo ghost hunters rejoice, save time adding orbz to your photos with the auto-orbifier below. In three easy steps you can amaze your friends with orbz indistingishable from the real thing!

Number of orbz:
Size of orbz:
jpg url (<1200px): gets me some orbz!

While the city sleeps...

As night descends we creep out to explore the city and her secrets. We venture deep below into the rancid sewers and the subways, dodging the trains which whistle by and jumping over the third rail. Nimbly we climb high above the streets, scaling the bridges, cranes and the rooftops, tiny specks unnoticed amongst the clouds. Welcome to sleepycity, where the urban infrastructure is our playground. Tell me more...

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