Looking down into the turbine hall of a long empty powerstation. Once upon a time it provided comfort and warmth to thousands of people. Today it stands empty, the stacks are long gone and the machinery stripped out. Inside is so quiet and loney. Fuji Sensia 100

Rayne Laurel   10 years ago
I Just think this is a really great shot! Love the Theme.. Love the Depth.. Nice One!
kipod doker   10 years ago
Great shot! Is this the Tubine Hall of the Tate Gallery in London?
Pizzy   10 years ago
An old one but definitely a good one! Hadnt noticed it all that much till someone else pointed it out.
dsankt   10 years ago
Nope, it's in Queensland Australia. Though if it were this is quite probably the only gallery I'll ever be in.
Pizzy   9 years ago
Really 2.8?
dsankt   9 years ago
Of course the lens is f2.8... it wasn't shot at f2.8 though. I've a feeling it was 30 seconds.
Scope   9 years ago
Where abouts in Queensland is that? I'd love to get in there and take some photos.
james   9 years ago
bro alsowm like a base for anti-political movments
JCMarshall_Law   8 years ago
I guessing this is the Tennyson Power station, I'm posting because I went there, just one last look before it is all gone. It is being demolished very quickly, looks nothing like that now. Dudes where are the photos.... Remember me???
rico   5 years ago
does this place still exist?
senorclean   4 years ago
Unfortunately no, it has been demolished to make way for lame apartments (which roughly look like it) and a tennis stadium.
man guy   3 years ago
all gone. was such a beautiful place to have a look around though
dsankt   3 years ago
Agreed, must have been excellent when the turbines and generators were all still there.