Hill side cemetery, Nagasaki.
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Luca   2006-07-31 08:04
This is freaking mad dude. Its like 2 little model cities sitting next to each other, one archiaic the other modern. I'm just blown away. I'm also waiting for some giant mythical beast to emerge from the bay and start its tirade of destruction: Enter. . . . . MechaStreisand
chad   2006-07-31 08:12
Nice shot. Looks like a diorama. Nagasaki's never looked so good.
dsankt   2006-07-31 09:53
Thanks :) There are other parts of Nagasaki that look better!
durgin   2006-08-03 15:34
shyeah!!! rad work on the angle ninjizzle
Pizzy   2006-08-11 13:10
Fuck! okay so you finally have ONE and ONE only good photo from a cemetary haha
dsankt   2006-08-11 17:43
Damn you're hard to please. No wonder Eli is heading OS - I'm sure he'll learn the requisite skills in Thailand.
Air33   2007-01-16 22:38
one of your best shots..
jordynbunny   2008-05-16 15:29
the city looks better when you're dead :]
Samson437   2013-03-16 05:32
Truly stunning! I'm lost for words. Great top-side photo :D


11,018 (3.77/day)

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